A New Streaming Device Named ‘Amazon Fire TV Cube’ Is Fast Approaching Its Launch Date

Amazon will launch one more device in the upcoming days, and the name of that device is Fire TV Cube. If you think it is a new streaming device that Amazon is going to launch, then you are right. Is this device going to live up to people’s expectations? Let’s find out in this blog post.

Amazon has shut the mouths of all those who have always accused Amazon of not making enough Alexa-powered devices. As of now, there are around seven devices with Alexa support, but that figure is going to be changed, as one more device is on its way to be launched into the market. Amazon Fire TV Cube is the name of the device, and the company is very optimistic about this device.

There aren’t many details out in the open regarding this device, but yes, the company has thrown some pointers, which are good enough to determine that something’s new is about to launch.

Fire TV is a streaming device that can be connected to the TV to stream content that is either available on the web or in local media sources. Amazon itself has a very big inventory that consists of several movies, TV shows and other types of digital content. Currently, Alexa is only available on select Fire TV devices, and on top of it, people will have to press a specific button to access Alexa service.

But, everything is going to change after the launch of Amazon Fire TV Cube as this device will have a plenty of new features. Although no official details have come out yet, the excitement is in the air.

What are official announcements pertaining to this new device?

Just log onto Amazon official site and you will find some hints, such as a phrase ‘What is Fire TV Cube’. This phrase is backlit by a blue line along with an illuminated blue ring at the top. This blue ring of light is similar to what we see in Alexa devices.

Below this phrase is another phrase, which in my opinion is more exciting than the upper one. It says, ‘details coming soon’. Along with this phrase, you will see a button for signing up to the mailing list.

What rumors are being spread about this device?

There are many credible sources, which have leaked information about this device. Some say that this device consists of the same buttons that are present in Amazon Echo speaker. Some has also mentioned that the company is looking to empower this device with 4k Technology along with 60FPS.

What are people’s expectations from Fire TV Cube?

Better Sound Quality

Amazon needs to stack an excellent speaker with the device because people have been clamoring for this for past many years now. It becomes the priority of Amazon to give this feature to the users.

High Frame Rate

Televisions today support videos at 120 FPS, but Amazon is still holding onto 60 FPS, which is not right because this shows that the company isn’t moving forward. Amazon should come up with 120 FPS support.

Voice Search and Control

The inclusion of Alexa in Amazon Fire TV Cube will allow users to search their favorite by Name, Star, Genre and many more parameters. The device should also have the ability to control playback.

Stereo Link-Up

Amazon should think about including stereo link-up because many top companies like Apple has this feature, so people say, why not Amazon has it too.

Smart Home Control

There should be a wireless protocol in Amazon Fire TV Cube just like in Echo Plus. This is going to allow smart home control.

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