Amazon Echo Is Not Controlled By You, But Amazon Itself

Using a voice-assistant will ease up your life big time, but have you ever thought about the risks that are involved in sharing your personal information on the platform. In the nutshell, Amazon Echo is nothing less than a Trojan Horse, which will jeopardize your security at some point of time. 


The user base of Amazon Echo is growing with every passing day, and the credit of this staggering amount of user base goes to the easy functionality and boatload of features that Amazon Echo offers to its users. The device operates on the voice commands and specific information that is being given to it. But, people using this device haven’t cared to know as to where this information is going. It could be Amazon or some other company that is storing all your information and may use it in the future, who knows!

Amazon Echo is definitely a device that you should use, but this ‘information getting leaked’ aspect is making things a bit doubtful. It gives an impression as if the device is controlled by someone else and not you. There are a few instances that people have experienced, which brought them to a conclusion that Amazon Echo might be storing their information and use it for its own benefits.

Amazon Echo restarting on its own

How would you feel if Amazon Echo restarts itself at a time when you are using the device? By restarting, I don’t mean any software or hardware glitch, but the device restarts after giving a message out loud that there has been an update for the device, which requires a restart of the device, and after that, the device gets restarted. I don’t know about you, but I would feel as if there is nothing within my control. The device can decide for itself, as to when it has to restart or play, pause or stop something.

Alexa talking to itself!

You may find it a bit spooky, but when you enter your room and find Alexa responding to someone’s questions, that’s not a very good sight to watch. This has happened to me when I set an alarm on Amazon Echo. The time the alarm went on, I heard some weird statements coming out of Alexa, which I thought was the response of the device to the sounds of the television. Though I don’t find any leak in the information when Alexa picks up random sounds from close corners, it will certainly give you Goosebumps, especially when you are a horror movies lover.

The personality of Amazon Echo

The tone and preciseness of Amazon Echo have not been hidden from anyone. Every Amazon Echo user knows how accurate the response of this device is. But, there is one thing that I checked in this device, which I wanted to share in this blog post. I asked a certain thing to Alexa a couple of months ago and the device responded accordingly. Then, I asked the same question a few days ago, and the response I got was not the one that I received the first time I had asked the question. This means someone has changed the response. I know who it is; it’s Jeff Bezos, the person responsible for feeding answers in Alexa. What response does Alexa give depends upon him, which irks me and I’m sure will irk many Echo users.

Amazon should tell its users regarding the information, which is being shared intentionally or unintentionally through the medium we all know as ‘Amazon Echo’. It is not supposed to be shared with anyone and Amazon must take a note of this.

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