Amazon Fire TV 2018: Know Its Specs and Features

As per the latest reports coming from Amazon, the company is soon going to launch 2 new models of Fire TV. It’s been so long since Amazon launched any product. Amazon launched its 2nd generation fire TV in late 2015, which support 4K ultra HD playback. After this, it had launched Amazon fire stick.

After a gap of nearly one year, the company is now going to release two new models which will support 4K streaming. This device has been launched in competition with Apple TV 4K. The first product out of the two will be dongle shaped which plugged directly into the HDMI port of TV. We can say that it no longer remains a stick but will function similarly. It will be square in the shape. It’s something identical to Google Chromecast. More information about this can be read from official Amazon page.

Now coming to its price and specification, we are now going to provide complete details related to price and specifications of these two products.

The dongle comprises of 2 GB RAM with 8GB inbuilt memory. It is powered by 1.5 GHz processor. Price of this product will range between $60 and $80, which is bit expensive than current Fire TV stick with Alexa voice remote. It is available for $39.99.

The second device is little more enthralling. It looks like a flagship with new cubic form. You will find a blue LED employed on the top of its face which deduces that there is Voice assistant ‘Alexa’ available in it. According to the reports, both these devices are fitted with far-field mics just as you find in Amazon echo. You can control your set-top box with voice commands. It is expected that you will find an inbuilt speaker for listening to music when your TV is switched off.

As far as its buttons are concerned, these are similar to the one you will find in Echo Dot. It includes a mute button, volume keys, and action button. It is coming with IR remote control. The price of this device is yet not confirmed but it is believed that the price will go upwards of $99. More information and updates can be fetched from amazon fire TV page.

Amazon Fire TV release date or when to expect

No information about release date has been revealed by the company so far, but according to the speed of developments, we can expect it very soon. The company will first pull the existing fire stick model from its online stores just like Apple has done before iPhone X launch. All the models which Amazon has pulled earlier can be checked from online Amazon store.

From some news sources, it has come to fore that Current generation Fire TV is no longer available to purchase from an online store because the company is releasing a new OS version for this device. The most significant thing you will notice in this update is; it totally brings the entire range of Fire TV into Amazon Fire OS. Apart from this, Voice enabled keyboard is also added in this update. This feature was eagerly awaited by some of the users. This feature is already available in Amazon echo.

As far as its release date is concerned, we can’t hypothesize on our own, but we can expect its launch in next few days. If you are planning to buy amazon fire device as of now, then wait for a while.

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