Amazon Fire TV Is Ruling the Streaming Market in France

Amazon has launched Fire TV in France to give people an alternative to Android TVs. Many people were looking to have a streaming device who could compete with Android TVs, and Amazon listened to the requests of its users in France, and thus, launched Fire TV a few months ago. The device became an instant hit among the users. Let us find out what Amazon Fire TV (French version) includes and how much it is available for.

After a first generation launched in the United States in 2014 and a second available since October 2016 across the Atlantic, the Amazon Fire Stick TV Basic finally arrives in France. In the form of an HDMI key, this small multimedia box is positioned as an economical alternative to boxes such as NVidia Shield TV and Apple TV 4K.

If it takes the form of an HDMI key like Google’s Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV Stick Basic is not really a competitor. Indeed, Google’s key is merely a gateway between a sending device (smartphone, tablet or computer) and a TV, but ultimately stores no application and has no remote control accordingly.

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The small box of Amazon is actually positioned rather as an economical alternative to multimedia boxes like Nvidia Shield TV, Xiaomi Mi Box (freshly arrived in our labs) or Apple TV 4K. It is, therefore, a real box running on the home system Fire OS and able to accommodate most of the applications found on Android TV (Fire OS being a derivative) on the 8 GB of space. available storage: Netflix, Plex, Spotify, YouTube or VLC, to name a handful. Of course, Amazon has a lot to do with the presence of Prime Video and Prime Music.

Given the format “stick” adopted, the embedded chip is rather light and embarks only a quad-core processor based on Cortex-A7 accompanied by a single small gigabyte of RAM. On the network side, this only requires Wi-Fi N / AC, no Ethernet socket being proposed. Clearly, the devices mentioned above evolve in a different world, since the Amazon Fire TV Stick Basic is content to play Full HD video (1080p). A more advanced version, named simply “Fire TV with 4K Ultra HD and Alexa Voice Remote” exists in the catalog of Amazon, but its distribution in France is not yet effective.

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is priced at € 59.99 or € 39.99 for Prime subscribers who can also enjoy the catalog of movies and series offered on Amazon Video. Note that the remote control works in Bluetooth and it does not have a microphone, which is always a bit of a shame to carry out research.

This also prohibits any interaction with the Alexa assistant, still unavailable in France elsewhere. A Fire TV Stick version “with Alexa Voice Remote” exists only in the United States and no doubt that this version will be proposed in our countries in the near future. Amazon Fire Stick has been a huge success in the French market and seeing the amazing performance of the device, the company is optimistic about the newest model of Amazon Fire TV, which is known as Fire TV Cube.

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