Are You Getting Problem In Linking The Roku Player To The Roku Account?

Have you ever come across with the Roku linking problem to the Roku account? If yes, then we are going to provide a fix for it. Do read the guide carefully and let us know in the end. After reading the contents, you don’t find any need to search for the same problem on the internet.

If you have tried to enter the code on the Roku official page and getting an Error message on the screen, then there is a need to pay attention because you won’t be able to stream the content until and unless the device gets activated.

The process to link the Roku with the existing Roku account:

  • Open Roku com link from the computer and check the code on it.
  • Enter the same code from the device.
  • Now, you will be asked to enter the username and password of your Roku account. Go to ‘Roku com’ page and login to the account.
  • If you want to enter the payment information, then add it otherwise skip this step as of now.
  • Add the channels in the lineup and click to submit.

How to link a player to the new Roku account:

  1. The first step is almost same as that of the previous one.
  2. Enter the activation code and Setup a Roku account on Roku home page.
  3. Enter the personal details and submit them online.
  4. Select password option for ‘Authentication’ purpose.
  5. You will be asked to enter the payment type. Enter the card details in the field and submit the same on the official page.
  6. Now, add channels to the Roku feed page.

In this way, you can link your Roku device to the Roku account and sync the channels installed in it. If after successfully linking the account to the device, you are still receiving the link code, then try the following steps.

  • Open the Roku account and check if the Roku link code is available there or not for your device.
  • If your device doesn’t show any linked code, then generate a new code and update it.
  • If the serial number of the device is linked to the code, then you need to wait for a while till the code gets linked.
  • Restart the player.

Your device may take time in updating the Roku code on its database. In such case, there is nothing to worry. This is normal. The slower response of the server may be due to some maintenance going on at the server level. For more information and instant support, you can go to www Support Roku com link. If the server doesn’t fetch the code automatically after entering it, then you need to send a request for new code. It will then get received on your computer screen.

If the page doesn’t accept the code which is entered by you, then it means there is some problem with the code. You need a new code in such condition. Enter the code within the stipulated time otherwise, it will get expired.

In this way, you can troubleshoot the linking problem. If you are still getting any problem, then perform a factory reset on your device or call us at our customer support number.

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