Audio Video Sync Issues on Roku TV’s And Streaming Devices Confirmed By YouTube

Are you facing audio video sync issue on YouTube app for Roku TV? If yes, then you don’t have to worry as this problem has been faced by plenty of customers who have downloaded YouTube Roku app on their device. Today, we are going to share some tricks which will help you in getting out of this situation. Along with this, we will discuss some complaints which users have registered on complaint forum.

One of the premium users of Roku pack has complained in the forum that he has been the victim of this problem since February this year and no concrete solution has been discussed so far by the team. Google is also not ready to take the responsibility for this problem and they are claiming that everything is normal from their side.

Luckily, after receiving sufficient numbers of complaints, YouTube acknowledged that this problem is from our side and we are working on it. The company officials said there is some problem with the audio-video sync while watching content from YouTube.

Now, let’s start with the conversations discussed by various users on the Roku support forum. You must read this carefully and correlate your issue with it.

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One of the users said that when he started streaming videos through YouTube app everything went normal but as soon as his video started playing after ten minutes, everything went out of sync. He was able to watch the video but not being able to listen to it at proper time. In other words, you can say audio out of sync with video.

You will be amazed to hear that one of our technical executives was also facing the same problem but somehow he has been able to escape from it. The team after performing so many researches have come to the conclusion that no doubt is a problem is frustrating but by applying some easy tricks you can rid of it. You can try playing contents from YouTube app directly instead of a Roku app. This will work for you and you can watch the contents without any hassle but we can’t say it as a permanent solution to the problem. You are just bypassing the role of Roku TV and app in this method.

The primary cause of this problem found out by our team is a Recent update released by YouTube on the Roku platform. All those who have upgraded their Roku YouTube app will probably get this problem. Some users have even shared the problem on social links like Reddit and Twitter.

Now, we are discussing solutions mentioned by users on complaint forum. Some users have gotten success after this steps. You can also try the same. To fix the problem, uninstall the Roku app and YouTube from the device. Install both apps again and check if the issue is fixed or not.

After getting so many comments and complaints from users end, we can assume that the company will surely take this issue into consideration and provide the best resolution in this regard. For latest and breaking news, you must visit the Roku support page frequently and get updated from there. YouTube keeps on releasing the new versions to stay updated in the streaming market.

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