Beef up Your Entertainment Setup with Alexa Powered Fire TV Cube

Amazon has launched Fire TV Cube, which is not just any other streaming device, but it is packed with Alexa. You can play any TV show or movie from any app with your voice command, which is something that is not possible in many streaming devices.

The majority of remote controls are packed with buttons that you probably will never use, and there are some features that are hidden in the remote. Now, Amazon has announced the latest device in its fleet of Alexa-enabled streaming devices, i.e., Fire TV Cube. This new device will allow you to give voice commands at the TV along with other devices from across the room. On top of that, they will be able to access a number of other features that people usually enjoy with Alexa like sports updates and weather.

In a nutshell, Fire TV Cube is a lot like the rest of the streaming devices that Amazon has in the offing, including the entry-level Fire TV Stick and base model Fire TV.

Just like Fire TV, Fire TV Cube is capable of following voice commands to play content through a wide range of streaming apps such as Amazon Prime, PlayStation Vue, Netflix, ESPN, CBS All Access, Hulu, NBC, Fox Now, Starz, Showtime and many other apps. If you want to browse the content, you just need to give commands like ‘find horror movies, ‘launch Hulu’ or ‘Play Game of Thrones last episode’. You are going to get a quick and accurate response on your screen. Moreover, Fire TV Cube supports 4K and HDR-10 visuals along with Dolby Atmos sound.

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There is one thing that is only available in Fire TV Cube, i.e., the ability to be used hands-free. Where other devices are voice-controlled through Alexa’s voice remote in which users have to hold down the microphone button while giving commands to Alexa, but this hassle has been completely omitted in Fire TV Cube. There are 8 microphones integrated into Fire TV Cube along with the feature of far-field voice recognition that will help the device pick commands easily from across the room as well. The noise cancellation technology in this device is better than other devices. There isn’t a better Alexa-powered device that is as good as Fire TV Cube.

But, I have also felt that Fire TV Cube is not a niche specific assistant, but it is a general purpose assistance like Amazon Echo that is used only for entertainment purposes. You can connect it to other devices and control other devices such as TVs, Wi-Fi networks, sound systems and cable boxes. With this, the device gets the ability to control a host of devices, most of which are not voice-activated. If you want to watch a specific program on TV, then you just need to say the name of the program and Fire TV Cube will turn the TV on, boot up the streaming app and start playing the show you’ve asked it to.

When you are not interested in shouting at your TV because others are sleeping around you, or maybe you don’t feel like shouting, then you can make use of a standard Alexa Voice Remote and an IR extender cable. You can also connect this device to a number of other IoT devices available in your house, so get this device in the first place because it is a lot better than many other streaming devices that are powered by a highly responsive voice assistance.

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