Brush Up Your Roku By Updating Google Play Movie and TV Channel

Now, Google has made possible for Roku users to update its service and start enjoying the latest features. You will be pleased after knowing that Google has rejuvenated its google play movies and TV app with the view to attract and satisfy the users. The company has added a myriad of features with improved user-interfacing in the new update. If you want to enjoy all this, you just have to download the update from the app store. Let’ find out what exactly you will get in this update through this post.

The first thing to notice in this update is ‘User-interfacing’. As we have discussed in the above passage, Google has made the searching process easier in this update. You can search for your favorite stuff easily from the home page. No need to go to Sub-menu for the search operation. If you wish to watch live TV on your device, then ‘Live TV’ function is added to the screen. Just click and start playing live content on the TV screen. You don’t need to pay something extra for this service.

For TV owners, this update has brought something new for you in the form of ‘New page’. If you are fond of watching the ongoing broadcasted shows, then this page is for you. Just open this page and start watching series of shows. The hassle of paying a monthly fee in form of subscription to the network is over. You just need to pay only for those services which you are currently using on Roku. With ‘Watch now’ section enabled in the update, you can watch the resume playing the contents which you have paused earlier from the same point.

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To search for the content according to genre, actor or director, there is special filter option provided in the search menu. For instance, if you want to watch a horror movie, then directly enter the movie name or enter the name of the director in the search menu. A list of movies directed by the defined director will be displayed on the screen. You can click on the one you want to play on the screen. Google has also introduced membership program for a family in which only a single membership is required for 5 family members. You don’t need to subscribe to the plan individually. Though this plan is for 5 members but only 3 can stream content at a time from the whole library. The library is open for all 5 members. They can add the stuff of their choice in this library and watch it later. For complete information and support, you can contact Google support.

As per recent reports from press media, the update is available only for some devices as of now but will soon go to available for all devices. Whereas according to Google support team, the updated version of Google play movies and TV is available on all Roku models and the company is soon going to launch for other media streaming players as well. With this update, Google is trying to reach the targeted customers who are still not getting the service from it.  For more information, you can stay in touch with Roku support team. If you don’t know whether the device supports the latest update or not, you can contact a support team.

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