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From the last few years, we have seen a great change in NVidia technology. Right from shield console to shield tablet, this Android OS based tablet is doing best in the market. You can play number of games on shield console and watch movies through the gaming tablet. If you want to play games on big screen, then this is possible with this awesome and powerful device which NVidia has launched last year.

Now, we are going to shed light on NVidia latest announced model in this post. The basic features and functionality no doubt remained same but with slide changes in its performance. The price of this new model is economical than the previous model. One can easily afford it. We are going to discuss the product in details now.

  1. Packaging and Accessories: The best thing in this product is that the packaging included the multimedia box as well as the remote. So there is no need to purchase remote separately as required in previous models. Apart from this, you will find a power adapter along with USB cable for charging the connected devices. For any kind of support and help, you will find guided manual inside the box. On the downside, you will not find HDMI and Ethernet cable inside package but this thing can be overcome by using any HDMI cable available at your home.
  2. Closer Look: As far as its appearance is concerned, there are lot of changes reported in it whether it is related to design, remote and size. You will notice a creativity of a company in this new Shield TV. The size of this TV is no doubt small but it performs the function faster. The GPU performance and other features are very attractive. You love using them.

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There is an exhaust vent given at the back of this product for proper cooling. Besides this there are number of port available like HDMI, USB 3.0, Ethernet and power input. All these input output peripherals are so easy to store in your pocket. So, you can transport them easily from place to place.

A new guest arrived in this product is a ‘Headphone Jack’ at the bottom edge. This was earlier available on the rear side of controller. The touch sensitive buttons are now replace with physical buttons on the front end of console.

  1. Performance: Installing shield TV is not as easier as it sounds. You can’t enjoy HDR, GeForce now and Game Stream until and unless you update the TV OS first which will approximately take 1GB of downloading of data usage. Before performing this action, you have to plug the TV to the power supply and connect the HDMI cable to the TV input port. Login to the Google account with the valid credentials and click to connect to its server.

Once connected, you will find the same dashboard on the screen as you saw on the previous model. It will display content from local sources available. All top-rates apps like Netflix, Plex, Movies from Amazon and Hulu will be made available on screen once you get connected.

You can go to inner pages inside the main page directly within fraction of seconds. Moreover, play store is also given inside this menu for downloading the missing apps.

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