Fire TV Remote App Not Getting Paired With Fire TV? How To Fix This Problem?

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Amazon Fire TV has been able to make its name in the market globally. If you too are a user of this product, then that’s a great streaming device you’ve got there. Do you know you can pair your Fire TV with Fire TV remote app? But, if you are finding trouble in pairing or using the app, then you can refer to below-mentioned solutions.

Check app installation

You need to check whether the smartphone or tablet you are using is compatible or not. If you are using an Android device, then check if the software version is higher than 4.0. If using the iOS device, then the software version needs to be higher than 7.0.

You also need to check whether the device has finished the app installation process successfully or not.

Check wireless internet connection and settings

You need to make sure that the device on which you have downloaded and installed Fire TV remote app is connected to your local wireless internet network. If you want to attain the best results, then make use of the same network your Amazon Fire TV is connected to.

Note: If you have manually assigned the static IP address to the Fire TV by using advanced settings on the modem or router, then you will have to change that to ‘automatic’ setting. Moreover, you need to enable the multicast support for your modem or router.

Stop display mirroring

In case you are making use of another mobile device to mirror your display to the Fire TV, then the Fire TV remote app is not going to be paired until to stop that.

Disconnect all other accessories that are not in use.

If you have connected any remote or accessory with your Fire TV in the past, which you don’t use anymore, then disconnect all those.

You can easily manage your paired remotes and Bluetooth accessories by going to Fire TV menu, then selecting ‘settings’ followed by ‘controllers and Bluetooth devices’.

Wipe out the data for Fire TV remote app

Note: In case you are using Apple device, then there is no need to perform this step. There isn’t any feature of clearing data for the installed apps on an iOS device.

For an Android device, here is what you can do to clear app data for Fire TV remote app.

  1. Launch ‘settings’ menu on the device.
  2. Tap ‘application manager’ or ‘apps’.
  3. From the list, ‘Fire TV remote app’.
  4. Tap ‘clear data’ followed by tapping ‘OK’.
  5. Open Fire TV remote app again followed by pairing the app with the device.

Restart all your devices

A number of issues can be resolved by just restarting the Fire TV. You have to disconnect the power cord followed by waiting three seconds and finally, plugging the device back in.

I would also suggest that you should restart the smartphone as well on which you have installed the Fire TV remote app. I’m sure that you know the process of restarting a mobile device, so I’m not going to explain that.

In case, the app doesn’t get paired with the device, then you should get in touch with experts because they are the only option left for you when it comes to fixing this problem.

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