Getting HBO Go Streaming Issue On Your Samsung Note 4?

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Getting problem in streaming content on Samsung Note 4 from HBO Go app? Need not worry, simply follow the steps and carefully implement them on your device. If after implementing the steps, you still find the same problem, then contact HBO support.

Note: The steps we are going to discuss with you are same for all android based models. If you are using a phone from a different company like HTC, Sony or Motorola, then steps may vary slightly. We are going to discuss with respect to Note 4 by Samsung.

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  1. Force close the HBO Go

To force close the HBO Go app, open settings from the home menu and go to ‘Apps’. Scroll down to search ‘HBO Go’ from the list of installed apps. If you don’t find the name of the app in the list, then check the same in the ‘Application manager’ menu. Once located, click on ‘Force close’ option given inside the app. Wait for few seconds and launch the app again. Check if the problem is solved or not.

  1. Turn off Note 4 and restart it

To apply this, press and hold the power button of Samsung phone till you get power off option in the form of pop-up on the screen. It is important mentioning here that don’t put your device into sleep mode. Wait for some seconds, then power on the device again. Open HBO Go app from the home screen and start playing contents. If it starts playing normally, then it means the problem is now solved.

  1. Clear cache

The process to clear cache from the phone is quite simple. Just open the app settings from the app menu and click on ‘Clear cache’ option from the inside of the app. If you find ‘Storage’ option there and click to clear it. This will clear all the cache data from the app. If the problem is still not solved, then go to next troubleshooting step.

  1. Uninstall and reinstall the App on your phone

Another step for fixing the problem is; Uninstallation of the app from the phone and re-install the latest version. The steps to uninstall the app are almost same as that of the previous step. In this step, you need to click on ‘Uninstall’ rather than clicking on ‘Clear data’ option. You will not find HBO Go shortcut icon anymore after this move.

To re-install the app, go to Google play store from your smartphone. Before opening play store, your phone must be connected to the internet. Download HBO Go from there and install it on your phone. Enter some details if prompted to do so.

  1. check the software updates

Sometimes the problem in the HBO Go software currently installed on your phone may lead to this problem. The company keeps on updating the directory files to remove bugs and fixes. So, it is important to check for latest updates if available any for HBO app installed. If an update is available to download it directly.  Apart from this, if any new update is available for your phone OS even, then download it and install immediately. This will help you in seamless streaming of content from HBO.

Note: If your phone is rooted or ROM is altered, then you may run into the streaming issue on the phone.

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