Getting Problem With Alexa Voice Shopping? Read The Troubleshooting Steps

The Amazon Echo is no doubt a home hub for you. You can use it for multiple operations like make an Echo a music hub, place a call or send a message through it. Do you know, you can also place an order from Amazon through Echo voice assistant Alexa? It is available in your Alexa. If you don’t know how to do it, then let’s have a look at what things are required to dive into it.

If you want to order something simply speak to Alexa like ‘Alexa order tissue towel’. If you have placed the same order earlier also, then Alexa will put the same order based on previous order history. If you are ordering it for the first time, then you will get a list of matching products. You have to select the one according to your preference.

Potential Issue with Alexa voice shopping:

  1. Accidental purchases
  2. Sharing of such information with Amazon
  3. Purchased the wrong items.
  4. Risk of spending too much money.

Fix for these issues:

  • Add a passcode for protection: This is one of the easiest ways to protect your Amazon shopping list from children or guests using your device. When you buy something after entering the passcode, you need to confirm that passcode prior placing an order. To add this code, you just have to open settings from the Alexa app on the android phone and click on ‘Voice purchasing’. Ensure that voice purchase is enabled on the app. Add code next to the ‘require confirmation code’ box. The code you have added will appear in the voice history. Don’t forget to add screen lock.
  • Removing accidental purchases: If you have accidentally added anything in purchases, then you have 30 minutes to cancel the same. You just speak ‘Alexa, cancel my order’. If you find a problem in doing this, you can go to ‘My order’ page from Amazon and check the recent orders placed. Click the cancel button. Make sure to cancel the order in precise time. If you fail to cancel it within the allotted time, then you need to go to ‘Amazon return centre’ and click on ‘Setup with free return’.
  • Add items to the cart instead: If you want to review the items which you are going to order online, then you can add the items in the cart instead of buying them directly. You just say, ‘Add items to the cart to Alexa’.  After this, you can open a mobile app or browser and check the things which you have added to the cart before finally placing an order.
  • Disable Purchasing: If you don’t want to use Alexa for placing an order online, then you can disable this feature easily from the app. Open Alexa app and click on the slider to open ‘Settings’. Scroll down to open ‘Voice purchasing’. Here you will find ‘Disable Voice purchasing’ option. Click on it. This will definitely remove all the problems associated with voice purchasing.

The all new Dash wand

No doubt shopping through Alexa is a great experience but you can now order items through Amazon available now option. The all new Dash wand is one of the best smart home devices of this year. It is Wi-Fi enabled Assistant which helps you in placing the online order for your household items. Just scan the barcode of any item available in your home to order it online through Alexa.

With Dash wand, you can even ask Amazon Alexa Setup the current weather, kitchen measurements and play music from your phone. If you want, you can set alarm through Dash wand.

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