HBO Go Not Streaming On VPN? Try These Solutions

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Media streaming channels like Hulu, Netflix, and HBO Go normally prevent VPNs from streaming the content on the TV screen. This is due to the security issue. Some VPN may allow you to stream data flawlessly but not all allow.

Are facing the streaming issue with your VPN service? If yes, then we have engrossed some solutions in this guide which will help you to get back to HBO Go streaming if implemented properly. Try fixing this problem by restarting the device first. If this doesn’t solve your problem, then you can go to the troubleshooting steps mentioned below:

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  1. VPN not connecting: If your VPN is not connecting to the internet, then try connecting the HBO page directly from the browser by entering the HBO Go streaming address. If you are getting the problem in loading the content, then there is some issue with the internet or HBO servers may be down due to scheduled maintenance.
  • Username and password must be correct: The username and password required to log in to the VPN network must be correct. If you are entering the wrong details, then you won’t be able to connect to HBO servers. In case you have forgotten the password or username of your account, you can reset or recover it.
  • Change ports: If you find that some ports are blocked or not working due to a security issue, then you can try using another port with same configurations for your VPN.
  • Connect to a different network: Try connecting your VPN to a different network. Sometimes, the problem with the network keeps on blocking the content from streaming on VPN.
  1. VPN disconnecting: Nothing can be more disappointing than facing the problem of VPN connection again and again. If the connecting is dropping again and again, then try the below-mentioned fix:
  • Disable Firewall: The purpose of a firewall is to protect your computer from infections or viruses which may enter your computer from network traffic. If the Firewall detects some problem with the VPN, then it will block that VPN. The data going in and out of your network is mainly protected by Firewall. If it identifies any false or malicious data being transferred to your system, it will automatically block that data chunk.
  • Connect to next server: You can try connecting the VPN to the next server to solve the problem of VPN disconnection.
  • Change protocols: There are different protocols available for connecting the VPN to the network. If you are using Open VPN, then change it to L2TP or try changing the L2TP to open VPN. You can also go with PPTP but this is not preferable due to less security.
  1. Change DNS servers: Almost all VPN’s have their own DNS services. If you are using this DNS server and getting problem in streaming HBO, then you can use the network provided servers. If there is an option available to disable this DNS server, then disable it and try playing content after this.
  2. VPN crashes: If the VPN crashes once in a blue moon, then its normal there is nothing to worry. You can play the content again but if the VPN keeps on crashing again and again, then you need to follow some steps to fix it. The main steps include Reinstallation of VPN clients, updating firmware version, close other running apps and configure VPN again.

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