Here’s The List Of 4 Best Echo Skills Available On Alexa App.

Are you using the Alexa skills to the full potential? If not, then must read the 4 best Echo skills available on Alexa app. There are more than 45000 useful and amazing skills which you can activate with your voice through Amazon Echo.

If you want to make most out of this product, then you need to be familiar with the 4 Best skills that we are going to discuss now. There is no need of enabling special permissions for most of these skills.

  1. TED Talk: This skill is related to the playback of the latest talk. You can command Alexa to open TED talk.

Advantages: You can access a number of talks from the TED library.

  • Ability to select the category and topic of your choice.
  • You can play, pause or resume any talk and check the duration of TED.


  • No search option available for accessing particular TED.
  • Visual clues need to be added.
  • The talk may be too long.

Summary: You can listen to great ideas through TED which is the latest in the world. You can also browse the favourite stuff through voice. To play, pause or resume, just speak to Alexa. There is a need to add visual clues for better results through the Echo show, spot or fire.

  1. Translated: This skill is used to translate one language to 36 other languages.

Advantages: You can translate a complete phrase from English to more than 32 languages.

  • If you want you can slow down the speed of translation.
  • A number of translation skills are accessible.

Disadvantages: There is a need for the addition of more languages.

  • The translator works well only with English as input language.

Summary: No doubt translated is one of the best skills among the thousands of Echo skills on Alexa app but there is a need for improvement in some areas. You can even repeat the translation if you failed to hear it for the first time. If the translated speed is too fast, you can slow down.

  1. Fit Bit: This skill is related to the routine exercise and workout by your body.

Advantages: You can stay updated with the variety of stats.

  • The stats include steps walked, sleeping time, exercise goals and lot more.
  • It is integrated into all major fitness companies.


  • No saving option is available.
  • There is a need for some additional features.
  • You need to enable permissions for complete details.

Summary: This skill is integrated into Echo app and provides the accurate and efficient results through Speaker. You can know your weight, exercise goals and steps are taken so far. The main problem with this skill is that there is a lack of sync and identification of data. You also need to enable all permissions in order to unlock all features.

  1. 7-minute workout: This skill is again related to your health. You just say Alexa ‘Seven-minute workout’.


  • You can watch videos and images of exercise in this app.
  • All the completed goals and existing workouts can be checked.
  • Set a routine according to the calories you want to burn.


  • More levels and exercises are required.
  • Only capable of short or high bursts.


The skills are available for niche segment only. You can burn the calories faster with this skill and continue with the existing workouts. To get the latest videos of tutorials, you can update the app from the Amazon store.

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