How Can You Activate Your Hulu Plus On Your PS3?

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If you have got PS3 gaming console on your side, then you can easily activate the Hulu Plus streaming service on the ultimate gaming console.


All Hulu streamers, how are you doing with your ultimate streaming service? The Hulu streaming service is one of the classic ones in the list of all the available streaming services in the market. With the best features and services, the streaming service has also placed itself as the supreme source of entertainment for all the worldwide users out there.
At the time launching time of , the users were allowed to subscribe and get the bunch of classic television shows, movies and past seasons by just paying a monthly fee. The ultimate Hulu plus streaming is also popular on the dynamic gaming consoles, including Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 (PS3), Roku and also on the computer. All you are need to do is just to download the Hulu Plus app and activate your account to stream the movies and television shows from the Hulu website. In this article, you will be guided to activate Hulu Plus streaming on a PS3.
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1) Signing up for Hulu plus account- Firstly, you will require doing sign into the Hulu Plus on your computer linked to the internet, if you have not already done this. Just head to leave the browser window up, as you will require it in the further process.
• Head on to the official site of Hulu and then tap on the “Hulu Plus” tab on the top side of the page. After that, head to tap the “Try it Now” button to go through the entire process of getting signed up for your account. In the process, you will also require typing your email address, credit card info and some other personal details. Approximately, the Hulu costs $7.99 per month.
2) In this step, just head to link your PlayStation 3 to the Internet, if it has not been linked.
3) Head to sign in to the PlayStation network account- In this step, the account would be included when you purchase the PS3 console.
• For signing up, you will first require to check out all the terms and conditions carefully. After that head to type your name, address, and date of birth. And then, just create a username and password and a User ID which can be seen by the public. Well, you can also select to type your credit card info if you head for purchase the games or apps.
4) Head to XMB on the PlayStation 3- XMB stands for Xross Media Bar. This is known as the user interface of the PS3 which permits you to easily navigate via the games and PS3 features by scrolling to the vertical and horizontal direction via the icons.
5) Heading to the “PlayStation Store” on the XMB interface- Just head to the “Search” and then type “Hulu Plus” in it.
• Well, you can search out the PlayStation Store on the PlayStation menu in a different number of places, one of the common way is head to the “Games” icon on the XMB and then head down to the PlayStation Store.
6) Just head to the Hulu Plus app. After that choose the “Download” on the application screen and then continue via the download prompts to finish the download easily.
7) Search out latest Hulu Plus application under the “Video” section of the XMB.
8) Just head to tap on the Hulu Plus app. You should witness an “Activate this Device” page. Ensure that you have got the Hulu activation code for your device which you will need to write down. The code would be in an alphanumeric code of 6 letters.
9) Head back to the browser of your computer and then head to “” After this, just head to sign in, if you get any prompt. If you already signed in to your account and started accessing your Hulu Plus Subscription, then you will not get any prompt.
10) In the final step, head to type the code and then tap “Activate” and then wait for few minutes and then head to sign into your PS3 Hulu Plus app. Now, you are all set to stream the dynamic collecting of movies and TV shows.

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