How To Easily Avert Annoying Ads From Hulu, Pandora On IOS 7 Screen?

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Are you troubled with repetitive ads on Hulu, Pandora and YouTube screen on ios7? If yes, then stop worrying. We have got some tricks for you which will help you in eliminating the ads from the screen. Watching an ad during interval doesn’t bother much but if you are getting regular ads on the screen during playback of content, then you will definitely get annoyed as your mind will get diverted. The continuous ads also affect the system performance in one way or another.

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Now, Apple has launched an app for iPhone users by installing which they can block unwanted ads from Hulu, Pandora and YouTube screen. The condition that must be satisfied for this app is that the device should be jailbroken. In other words, it should be unlocked. If not, then you can’t use this app. Yes, if you want to block ad while streaming content on a computer browser, then you can do so by using 3rd party ad blocking software’s. So far, no such functionality was available on iPhone OS.

With changing trends and taste of people, Apple has developed an app with the name ‘Weblock’ which will not only block banners, statistics, and Popups but also the ads from streaming services like Hulu, Pandora, and YouTube. You can even block social links like Facebook, Twitter, and Google plus through this app. With this, your personal information will remain hidden and secure.

How to block ads through weblock on ios7?

For this, you have to first open the app store and download the app on your phone. When it gets completed, install the app and click on the servers you want to link to this app. After this, the app will start function automatically. No ad will distract your mind afterward. To check the proxy URLs and settings of your Hulu account go to the horizontal 3 lines from the top of the page.

Launch ‘Settings’ and click on ‘Networks’. From here, you have to select the Wi-Fi networks from the list of networks. If you want to auto switch the proxy mode, then click ‘Auto’ and paste the link in the space given. Restart your phone.

How to block ads on Hulu Plus and Pandora?

In order to block ads on Hulu and Pandora, open the respective apps and click on the option which says ‘Block ads’. You need to click on the box given next to the option. This will block the ads on the given service permanently. To start with the ad-free content, restart the app and device and start watching content. If you find any problem in blocking the ad, then you can do so manually by clicking on the app and force close it. This will remove all the bugs from the apps.

How to block ads from YouTube?

The process to block ads on YouTube is quite easy but cannot be enabled by everyone. It needs an expert guide or assistance. To do away with apps, you have to install Weblock plugin in YouTube. This will start blocking the app automatically.

So, we hope you might have understood all the steps discussed so far on this page. For further help, you can contact Hulu support.

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