How To Easily Unbrick Fire TV And Prevent It In Future?

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If you modify the OS of your Rooted Amazon fire TV, then there is a possibility of ‘Bricking’ the device accidentally. The bricked device won’t allow you to access the home screen. This usually led to Amazon boot logo remain stuck on the home screen.

You may get colorful boot animation, continuous booting at screens. The article is divided into different sections. In the first section we will read how to prevent bricking and in the next section, we will study how to restore the bricked fire TV and how to enter into recovery mode.

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How to prevent Bricking?

To prevent bricking, you need to follow the below mentioned tricks:

  1. Check file integrity: This is the best way to prevent bricking. To check file integrity, you need to perform a test on the changes you did so far in the OS. The check file integrity function will help you in rectifying the corrupted files of OS.
  2. Unlock the Fire TV’s Bootloader: To prevent bricking, you must unlock Fire TV bootloader. This will even help you restoring the Fire TV to its original state if the problem encounters. An unlocked bootloader provides you with the option to restore the Fire TV OS using fast boot. Fastboot is a type of tool which runs on a low level at Fire TV. To read the complete instructions related to the Fastboot, you can read the online link.
  3. Install Boot menu: Another best option to bring the fire TV to its original state is by using Boot Menu. Enter into recovery mode, from here you can easily fix all the issues pertaining to the partitions. In Android phone, for instance, you can enter into the boot mode by pressing a couple of buttons together. As Fire TV has no such buttons, so you can’t enter into recovery mode directly. The boot menu is given in the Fire TV. You can enter into recovery mode before starting with the booting process. To get an online guide for booting, you can follow the on-screen instructions given on the booting link. You need to connect the keyboard to the Fire TV and ensure that it is working properly on it. With the help of keyboard keys, you will be able to enter into the boot menu.

Entering into Recovery mode

In order to reset your Fire TV or bring it to its functioning state, you need clockworkmod recovery mode. You can use a number of methods like; via TV remote, keyboard and ADB and via Boot menu.

Now, we are going to discuss steps to recover via Fire TV remote:

In case you are getting the problem with the Fire TV, then recovering via TV remote may not function but it’s the shortest method to fix the issue. Switch on your Fire TV and wait till the booting gets finished on its own. Press and hold the back and Right button of the remote together for 15 seconds. This will cause the Fire TV to reset. If you have installed recovery mode in the Fire TV, then the device will enter into the recovery mode and will not allow factory resetting.

Using Boot menu: If boot menu installed in the device, then you can use this for entering into the recovery mode. All you have to do is connect the fire TV to the keyboard with the USB cable and switch on the device. You will find the boot menu on the startup screen. Press the down arrow key from the keyboard and click ‘Launch recovery’. Press ‘Enter’. This will cause the Fire TV to enter into Clockworkmod recovery.

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