How To Eliminate SBCGlobal Email Problem From Iphone 6S Model?

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The process to setup mail on iphone 6S model is quite easy but can you imagine a situation if your email stopped responding all of a sudden. At this point of time, you need to learn about the troubleshooting steps which can eliminate the problem instantly. Today, we are going to make you familiar with all those troubleshooting tips which will be proven successful for you. Read the steps carefully before implementing them on your device.

Why the SBC mail stopped working on your iphone 6S model?

There can be number of reasons behind this problem. We are going to discuss 3 main reasons with you which may stop processing your emails to the desired address.

  1. Faulty network: If the network strength is poor on your device or there is no signal on the device, then you won’t be able to access the SBCglobal Email Settings from the phone. At such instances, you need to call your internet service provider if you have connected your phone to the wireless network or call your network service provider if you have connected your device to the cellular network.
  2. Outdated version: Using outdated version of software of your phone or the SBCGlobal mail app may create this problem. It is therefore recommended to keep on checking the updates if available any for the OS. If any update available, then download it and install it immediately. This will solve the mail problem.
  3. Server problem: Another cause of ‘email not accessible’ problem is related to server. If there is some problem at server end, then you won’t be able to access the mail properly from your iphone 6S model. To check the server related problems, you can call your email service provider or go to settings from the mail menu.

How to eliminate the email problem?

  • Reset your iphone:  This is considered as the easiest way to fix any issue in your phone. To reset the phone, you need to switch it off and turn it on after a while. This will restore the system settings to default which includes network and configuration of mail. Though this trick will not work at all times but will solve your purpose in one way or another.
  • Log out of email account: To get rid of email problem, you need to log out of the account from the iphone 6S phone. To sign-in again, wait for some minutes, then enter the login credentials. When you enter the email address again, all the broken links will be deleted and fresh links will get created on its own.
  • Go to apple store: If the above mentioned tricks doesn’t solve your problem, then you can visit the nearby store and ask the same query from the apple technical experts. If they find that the problem is from their own end, then they will resolve it immediately. In case, they find any problem in the product, they will replace the phone without asking any further questions.

Apart from this, if you are still encountering the same problem, then it is better to call at email support. The technical experts sitting there are well-experienced and have thorough knowledge in their field. They will solve the query in a most convenient and efficient manner.

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