How To Enable Android ‘Fast Boot’ Menu On Your NVidia Shield TV?

Knowing the process of invoking the ‘Fast boot’ menu of Android on Shield TV will give you the ability to enjoy the services of Shield TV in a better way. The fast boot menu will make things a lot quicker and easier for you because otherwise, it takes a lot of time to get out of the boot menu on Shield TV. Let us find out the process of invoking Android ‘Fast boot’ menu on Shield TV in this blog post.

There are two types of booting system available in the devices today. First is the normal boot and the second is ‘fast boot’. Where a normal boot will take more time to boot the device, a fast boot will make sure that the device gets out of the boot menu in a lesser time. Fast boot is not one of those functions for which you will have to take NVidia Shield TV help, but you can do it on your own.

This time-saving process compels people to opt for ‘fast boot’ mode. If you are using NVidia Shield TV, which is an Android-based streaming service, then you can take benefit of ‘fast boot’ mode. Here is what you will have to do in order to enable ‘fast boot’ on Shield TV.

  1. The first step would be to unplug Shield TV.
  2. Once you do that, connect NVidia Shield controller to NVidia Shield TV using a USB cable. I would recommend using the closest port to the HDMI.
  3. You will have to hold A and B buttons on NVidia Shield controller at the same time, and as you hold both those buttons, you will have to connect power to the NVidia Shield TV. Using NVidia Shield controller is quite easy, but if you are not able to use this device, then you should take NVidia Shield controller support from professionals.

In case, you don’t have a Shield controller, then here are the steps that you will have to perform:

  1. Take the power out of the Shield TV.
  2. Connect a USB keyboard to the Shield TV directly. Make use of the port that is nearest to the HDMI port.
  3. Now, press and hold ‘A’ and ‘B’ buttons on the NVidia Shield remote controller simultaneously, and connect Shield TV to the main power.
  4. You will enter into the fast boot mode, and as you do, you need to use ‘X’ and ‘Y’ keys on the keyboard to navigate the menu, and press ‘A’ to select. If you face any issue, then you should take NVidia Shield support from experts.

If using Shield TV or Shield TV Pro:

  1. Unplug Shield TV.
  2. After you take the power out of the device, wait for a while and connect the power back again.
  3. Wait for a couple of seconds followed by holding the ‘power’ button on the NVidia Shield TV for 5-6 seconds or until you see ‘fast boot’ menu on the TV screen.

This was the entire process of how to fast boot your NVidia Shield TV. If you come across any issue, then you can take help of NVidia Shield TV support. They will assist you with this issue in the best of the ways.

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