How to Fix ‘Amazon Fire Stick Remote Not Responding’ Issue?

First of all you need to make sure your Fire TV Remote App is good or suitable for the gadget you’re utilizing. Here we have few troubleshooting steps for you to fix this particular issue. You can also get in touch with professionals.

Giving clients access to an immense scope of excitement alternatives—including Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, YouTube, and some more—it’s anything but difficult to perceive any reason why Amazon’s Fire Stick has turned out to be so mainstream. 2016’s expansion of Alexa voice control to the Fire Stick Remote made the gadget considerably more intense, implying that you now require just request to see your most loved movies or TV indicates show up on screen. In case you’re tormented by your Amazon Fire Stick remote not working or responding, in any case, at that point that amusement heaven can transform into a tech hellfire. In any case, don’t lose trust: we’ve arranged a few arrangements that should return the Fire to your TV (exculpate the play on words!). We should begin.

Is your device paired or not?

In the first place, it merits showing signs of improvement comprehension of the purposes of your Amazon Fire Stick Remote not reacting. In multiple cases, the issue is that your gadget isn’t matched or paired with the Fire Stick—or that the pairing procedure has fizzled.

You’ll, for the most part, have the capacity to distinguish this by looking at the settings on your Fire Stick. Essentially open up the Settings menu, select Controllers and Bluetooth Devices, and after that go to Amazon Fire TV Remotes. In the event that you don’t see your gadget in here, you’ll realize that your remote hasn’t matched effectively.

Try with new batteries

We’re beginning with a basic fix: however, in the event that you discover your Amazon Fire Stick Remote not working, it merits beginning with the simple alternatives first. A few users have noticed that the Remote can be very specific and just works appropriately with fresh out of the box new batteries. While this may not settle the issue for all users, it merits remembering before you rip apart your other gadgets’ energy—regardless of whether the batteries are fine in your TV remote, they won’t bring any solution to your Fire Stick.

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Connectors needed to be clean

While regarding the matter of batteries, it’s significant that—as seems to be, lamentably, frequently the case with equipment—a few clients may experience spillage issues, bringing about the Amazon Fire Stick Remote not working. You may, for instance, see deposit left by spilled sulfuric acid on the connectors. If so, at that point evacuate all batteries, tenderly clean the connectors utilizing some steel fleece and a dry fabric, and reinsert batteries—ideally new ones. Routinely watching that your connectors are spotless should help keep your remote running easily.

Start your device again

Another undeniable fix when you discover your Amazon Fire Stick not working is to restart it. This should be possible in one of two ways. The first alternative is to just unplug the gadget from the mains, at that point connect it back to once more. This should deal with numerous regular issues influencing your Fire Stick. An elective technique is to utilize your Fire Stick Remote to restart the gadget—it won’t help when your remote isn’t working, but rather it merits knowing how to do it when you’re going down and running! Basically press the Select and Play/Pause catches all the while, holding for around 5 seconds.

At last, you can likewise restart the gadget by heading off to the Fire TV menu and picking Settings > Device > Restart. Once restarted, you can endeavour to repair your remote by holding down the Play/Pause button. In the event that effective, you will hear Alexa saying, “Your remote has been paired”.

Long press on the home button

Numerous users have recommended another handy solution for an Amazon Fire Stick Remote that isn’t reacting: essentially holding down the home button. You’ll have to hold this button for no less than 5 seconds; this should begin the Bluetooth blending process. You may need to show some patience: holding down the catch begins the procedure; however, it may take a short time to finish. Inside two or three minutes, however, you ought to be ready to get it done, prepared to stream away.

Reset the Remote

If you’re one of them those who are facing responding issues then step may fix your problem. In this example, you might have the capacity to settle the issue by resetting the remote itself. This is a straightforward fix: simply hold down the Menu, Left and Back buttons at the same time for 10 seconds. This will reset the remote and return it to factory facility settings. After reset procedure your will see automatic pair between your remote and Fire TV stick but if it fails to pair then make a press on home button for around 5 seconds so you can make your remote discoverable on Bluetooth.

You may find that your application runs smoother in the event that you clear any stored useless data. Note this is an Android-particular fix, and won’t influence iOS gadgets.

Data needed to be clean

Clearing data is as straightforward as:

  • Go to the Settings menu on your Android gadget
  • Hit on Apps or Application Manager
  • Choosing “Fire TV Remote App”
  • Now hit the option of Clear Data

After you’ve cleared your data, you need to re-open the application, at that point attempt re-pairing it to your Fire Stick. If these steps show no effective outcome then contact professionals.

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