How To Fix Amazon Fire TV Box or Fire TV Stick’s Slow Performance Issue?

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Are you facing unsteady playback and YouTube slowdowns on your Amazon Fire TV Box or Fire TV Stick? If yes, then we recommend you follow these simple and effective steps to get rid of this issue, if these steps fail to give the best outcome then get in touch with professionals.

Currently, Amazon refreshed all their Fire TV Boxes and Fire TV Sticks to the new darker plot outline. Still, on a custom version of Android 5 Lollipop, the new plan unquestionably influences this obsolete version of Android to feel present day.  When the user initially got the Amazon Fire TV Box it used to close down applications when you squeezed the home catch. This was super disappointing when you attempted to hit stop and removed yourself from Netflix and needed to experience the entire procedure once more. Amazon settled this issue by enabling Apps to remain alive out of sight. Keeping applications alive has its drawbacks and in addition, it goes through the more assets.

Slow Fire TV fixation

You won’t be constrained into redesigning an awesome TV box in view of OS refreshes that Amazon push out so I have a simple yet not extremely exquisite arrangement.

  • The moderate Fire TV Box Fix:
  • Hold the Home Button
  • Make a selection of Settings
  • Make a selection of Device
  • Start the Amazon Fire TV again

For you, restarting the gadget keep your Fire TV Box running easily for no less than seven days, normally two preceding you can begin to see stoppages once more. Hopefully, this causes you get some more life out of your Fire TV Box or Stick.

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Are you looking for the simplest way to speed up your Fire TV Box or fire TV Stick?

You’re in good fortune. The application designers Cheetah Mobile have likewise discharged an altered variant of the cell phone optimizer/cleaner, particularly for the Fire TV. Allowed to download specifically from the Amazon App store, the application will tidy up any garbage documents/reserve records, help accessible CPU assets and clear the gadget memory on unused applications.

The application is extremely easy to use with the main summon being alright. To begin with, it will examine the Fire TV or Fire Stick and after that give you a rating score. Snap approve again and it will play out every one of the errands I specified above, accelerating your gadget.

This is especially powerful in case you’re getting YouTube application log jams or Netflix slow-mo to super-speed issues. In such cases, you can also get in touch with professionals.

By installing Kodi you can speed up your slow Fire TV Box’s speed

As Kodi has turned out to be perpetually prevalent for home streamers, it’s additionally been belittled by the media unreasonably as it fills in as a phenomenal and free media player for your digitalized duplicates of motion pictures.  In case you’re utilizing Kodi, on your Fire TV Box or Fire TV Stick, this could be another reason for the logjam as the program is as yet utilizing assets out of sight.

There’s a convenient solution for this also:

  • Make a long press on Home Button
  • Go to Settings
  • Make a selection of Applications
  • Installed applications needed to manage
  • Choose Kodi
  • Make a selection of Force Stop

At last, try this for your FireTV Boxes & Sticks

In the event that after the majority of the above tips, despite everything you’re seeing lulls and solidifying on your FireTV Device then it might be the ideal opportunity for a factory reset. At times no measure of store clearing will amend the issue, so a reset to factory default will have your FireTV feeling new once more.

Many users had needed to do this on their FireTV box after around 4 years of side-loading applications onto it.

Fortunately, all your downloaded content and application buys are altogether spared in the cloud. Regardless they’ll show up in your applications after the reset and you’ll have to download your most loved applications again and afterwards login. After this, it’ll be a totally invigorated gadget.

So how would you reset the FireTV Box or FireTV Stick? It’s straightforward.

  • Step ahead to Settings
  • Device
  • Go to the option of Reset to Factory Defaults
  • Reset
  • The entire procedure takes around 15 minutes.

If still, you see no change in your issue then we strongly recommend you get in touch with the technical experts.

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