How To Fix Problem Of VPN Crashing On Your HBO Go Streaming?

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VPN is just a type of software similar to other programs installed on your PC. You can download this software from the internet. A VPN may crash at any time without giving any prior warning. But there is nothing to worry. There is the solution to every problem. The problem of VPN crashing is otherwise rare. If you are among those who is facing this issue, then continue reading this post. We are going to explain the solution to this problem in steps. The steps must be carefully read and implemented.

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  1. Get the latest software version

All companies who develop software’s like Glip, VPN or other always try to keep the programs stable and safe. This condition doesn’t satisfy all the time. You may run into some issue. The developers in the company always try their best to provide bug-free software to the end-users so that they feel satisfied. If you are using a software whose latest version is available online, then check it. It will be definitely free from previous bugs and problems reported in previous version of VPN software. Install latest version of VPN software on your computer or device which you are using. If available, turn on auto-update option. This will automatically check for update and install them automatically without your information.

  1. Close all apps running on the same VPN

If other apps are also being accessed from the same VPN, then it is highly recommended to close all apps other than HBO Go. The main reason behind closing the other apps is that this may slow down the speed.

  1. Re-install VPN client

If the above-mentioned steps don’t work for you, then you need to simply delete the VPN client and re-install it on your device. The steps to re-install VPN service are:

  • Go to ‘Programs and features’ from the start button of your PC.
  • Locate for VPN from the list of programs. You need to click on ‘Uninstall’ then. This will start the uninstallation process.
  • You will get a notification on the screen related to uninstallation in the setup wizard. Close the window now.
  • If the VPN deleted by you is still available in the installed list, then go to start button again and right click on it.
  • Open ‘Run’ window.
  • Type ‘ncpa.cpl’ and after this click on ‘Enter’. This will open network connections.
  • Right click on ‘WAN’. This will open the wireless network configurations.
  • Click to delete the configurations.
  • Go to internet and Network option from settings.
  • Finally, click on the VPN you want to delete. This will delete VPN permanently.

This is all about the troubleshooting steps.  We hope you must understand the steps and definitely perform when running into crashing problem of VPN service. For seamless streaming of HBO content, an efficient VPN is required. If the above-mentioned fix doesn’t solve your problem, then you can call at HBO support. The experts sitting at the help desk will guide you in a right manner.

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