How to Fix Roku Express If Not Turning On?

To power on any Roku device, you need a power source. The power source can be an adapter or USB cable. There are some players like Roku express, Roku stick and Roku 4 which can turn on with both the source. It means you can use a Power adapter or USB port of TV to turn it on.

A white light on the front of your player will indicate whether the device has turned on or not. If you find this light not glowing, then there is no need to worry, just go through the steps mentioned here in this post. Today, we are going to discuss the tips for Roku express not turning on. If you are unable to watch content on TV screen due to the insufficient power supply, then these steps will help you in a right manner.

If, after connecting it to the wall outlet, you are not being able to switch on the Roku express, then the steps to troubleshoot this problem are:

  • Use original power adapter: The power adapter coming with the packing should be used. If you are using your family’s Roku adapter, then this may create a problem.
  • Connect adapter properly: Unplug the adapter from the source and connect it to the power outlet again. You must connect the adapter firmly to the Roku express.
  • Change the power source plug: If you are connecting the Roku to the nearby power source and your device doesn’t turn on, then change the power outlet and check if there is a problem with the socket. You can also check the power socket by connecting other electronic devices to it. If it starts working, then the fault lies within the Roku player or adapter. Any strip placed in your Roku must be removed first.
  • Check the light: Check the white light engrossed on the front of your Roku express. If it is not glowing then, you need to call Roku support.
  • Try USB port of your TV: The Roku express model can draw power from USB port of your TV. So, you can try connecting it to the USB port of TV.

If the problem still persists, then there is certainly a problem with the power adapter of Roku player. To diagnose this, go to nearby Roku store and get your Roku checked from the technical experts. They will let you know the reason behind the problem. If the problem is with the Roku itself, then they will replace it free of cost.

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If you have connected your Roku to TV port, then the following steps must be performed to troubleshoot it.

  1. Use the right cable for connecting the Roku player to the TV: Use of substandard quality of cable will affect the power supply and your device may not be able to draw sufficient current from the source.
  2. Connect the cable firmly at both the ends.
  3. Try different port: If your TV has more than one USB port, then connect your Roku to the different port. You will easily find out if there is some problem with one of your TV port. You won’t be able to watch video from your streaming player if it is not drawing a proper power.
  4. Try Roku on different TV: Another troubleshooting step to fix ‘Roku not turning on’ problem is, Connect the Roku to the different TV and try playing videos again.

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