How to Get Rid of Messy Roku Software Update Problem?


Roku devices always keep on checking the latest version of OS for its circuitry to provide high of content to the user. As soon as you switch on your Roku device, it will first check the new version of OS if available online, then let you to stream content. If a new update is available, it will download and install it automatically.

Getting problem in updating software, why?

If you are getting the problem in updating the software of your media player, then this may be due to poor internet connectivity. If your internet speed is not proper, then you will receive an error message on the screen.

Tips and tricks to update the software successfully

At some point in time, Roku server may go down due to maintenance and you may receive notification for same on Roku support link. If Roku officials are familiar with this problem, then you will get the message on the screen which will notify you of this problem. In such cases, there is no need to go around here and there, just wait and watch.

If the problem continues even after the server problem gets fixed, then you can try the steps which we are going to explain below:

  • You must ensure that your device is connected to correct SSID. If you have connected to the wrong SSID, then you won’t be able to perform an update on your system. If you don’t know the SSID and password to which your Roku is connected, then open your browser and enter the problem in the search bar.
  • Check your router if it working properly or not. To check this, open any website on your computer browser or from any other device. If it is opening easily, then the router is OK. Move to next step thereafter.
  • Check the location of your router where you have placed it. If it is placed at a far distance from your Roku media player, then this may affect the signal strength. Too many obstructions and walls in between router and Roku may decrease the signal strength of the network. Try connecting the tablet or laptop with same network and password. For more details and information related to signal strength, you can click on ‘How to improve signal strength’ online. Try updating the software after changing the location of your router.
  • Restart both the devices. Check if the problem is resolved after this or not.
  • To restart your Roku media player, you need to go to ‘Settings’>’System’>’Restart’. The easiest and simplest way to restart your Roku player is disconnecting it from the power source and wait for 2 minutes. Connect it back to supply after this time period.
  • To restart your Router, you can take help either from Manufacturer guide manual or from router manufacturer website. All the information related to your router will be available on the screen. As discussed in the previous step, you can also restart your router in the way you restarted your Roku player. Disconnect from supply and connect it back to the source. If there is restart button given at the back of your Roku model, then you can reset it from there even.
  • Once both the devices get restarted, you don’t need to enter the router information in your Roku until and unless you are told to do so because the Roku player will automatically fetch the username and password of your router. If you are setting up for the first time, then you may require entering name and password for connection setup.

In this way, you can troubleshoot the problem of software update on your Roku player.

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