How To Resolve The Most Annoying ‘Netflix Error 1006’?

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Netflix is one of the most amazing streaming channels in the world right now. Millions and millions of people are using Netflix on a daily basis to quench their thirst for world-class entertainment. Netflix is a reliable service that doesn’t go down that easily. But, when it goes, then it causes a huge sense of frustration for its users. There has been an error that many Netflix users are facing these days, i.e., ‘Error 1006’ when using Netflix on Apple iPhone. Users don’t know as to what has caused that error, but they want a solution for it.

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The problem i.e., Netflix Error 1006 is one of the most annoying problems that people are facing these days. The reason that this problem has risen is due to poor internet connection or a complete blackout of the internet. In order to ensure the proper working of Netflix, it is important that people should have a good internet connection. One of the easiest ways of fixing bad internet connection problem is disconnecting all other devices that are connected to the same internet network because doing that will loosen up the congestion, thus giving a better bandwidth for Netflix Help.

The problem could arise in Netflix app as well, so if you are using Netflix app, and are not being able to access anything on the network, then you could be encountering Netflix error 1006. So, you can also follow the steps that are given below and eradicate this problem once and for all.

  1. Reboot the device on which Netflix is being used: To fix this problem, the first thing that you need to reboot the device on which Netflix is used. To reboot your smartphone, press ‘power’ button, wait for a few minutes and then turn the device back on. Doing this will refresh the memory of the device, and it may result in the functioning of all halted programs.
  2. Reset network settings: You can fix Netflix by resetting network settings of the wireless connection that you’ve been using until now. Here is how you can do that:
    1. Open the settings on your device.
    2. Click ‘General’ option in ‘Settings’.
    3. Click on the option named ‘Reset’ on the screen, which you need to click.
    4. After clicking ‘Reset’, all the network settings are going to change to factory defaults.
    5. Now, you need to play any video on Netflix, and if it plays smoothly, then whatever was wrong with the video has been rectified.
  3. Reinstall Netflix: If there is some issue with the app, then you can uninstall the app, then download a fresh copy of the app from Apple app store.
  4. Hard Reset: If you haven’t been able to fix the problem despite trying all above-mentioned steps, then you need to hard reset the streaming device that you are using Netflix on. To hard reset your device, follow below-mentioned steps:
    1. Press ‘Home’ button followed by pressing ‘power’ button on the device. Doing this will open the ‘reset’ menu. You will have to click the option named ‘turn off’. In Apple iPhone, there isn’t any option named ‘hard reset’, so you can only turn it off and on.
    2. Reset ‘network’ settings.

Lastly, you will have to delete Netflix app on your iPhone and download the app from App Store. You can then activate Netflix and enter all the details that need to be added.

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