How To Set Up Personal Bellsouth Email Account On Samsung Galaxy J7?

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There is no need to waste your time on the internet seeing the process of how to set up Bellsouth email account on Samsung Galaxy J7. Go through the steps given in the blog post below and quickly set up your Bellsouth email account on Samsung Galaxy J7.

Samsung Galaxy J7 is a medium range phone that is widely used in the world because of its elegant design and features. If you too are using this amazing smartphone, and are looking to set up your personal email account on the same, then you have come to the right place. You will get all the information regarding how to set up a personal Bellsouth email account on Samsung Galaxy J7. Let us now discuss the steps without any further ado.

Steps to set up Bellsouth Email Settings on your Samsung Galaxy J7:

  1. From the home screen, tap ‘apps’.
  2. Then, scroll to the option named ‘email’ and then, tap the same option.
  3. If asked, you need to tap ‘add new account’.

Note: In case your Bellsouth email account already exists, then you will have to tap ‘more’ > ‘settings’ > ‘add account’.

  1. You need to type in your Bellsouth email address along with its password. Once you entered all the details, then tap ‘sign in’.
  2. If you know your email settings, then you are going to be taken directly to the email inbox.
  3. In case, your email settings are not found, then you need to tap the right account type, which could be either IMAP or POP3.

Note: If prompted with an error message that ‘unable to set up account error’, then you need to tap ‘Ok’ followed by tapping ‘manual setup’.

  1. You need to confirm that your Bellsouth Email Login address, username, and password are correct.
  2. Now, scroll to the incoming server section.
  3. You need to confirm that IMAP/POP3 server, security type, and port-related information are correct.
  4. Now, go to ‘outgoing server’ section.
  5. You will now have to confirm that ‘SMTP’ server, port and security type are correct.
  6. Confirm that the SMTP server, Security type, and Port are correct.
  7. Tap the option named ‘set the authentication option’ only if it is necessary.
  8. You will have to make sure that the username and password that you have entered are correct.
  9. Tap ‘Sign in’.
  10. You can make changes to the account options as per your choice, and after that, tap ‘sign in’.
  11. Type in your account name along with your name that you want your contacts to see once they receive emails from you.
  12. Finally, tap ‘Done’ to save the changes.

Now, you can easily use Bellsouth email on your Samsung Galaxy J7. If you come across any issue, then you can take help of email experts. They will be able to assist you in the most comprehensive manner. Although, setting up email is a relatively easy task compared to other tasks related to an email account. But, in case, you are not able to set up Bellsouth email on Samsung Galaxy J7, then the right thing to do is get in touch with professionals.


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