How to Setup Antenna TV Input on Roku TV?

Do you know that there is a way to watch content that is broadcasted from nearby channels on your Roku TV? If no, then we are going to discuss this particular process in this blog post, so pay attention to what follows now.

Roku TVs as we all know are quite advanced, but did you know that there is an ATSC tuner integrated into these devices as well? The role of an ATSC tuner is to allow access to digital ‘over-the-air’ broadcast TV.

All those channels that are broadcasting nearby but aren’t available to you can be accessed with the help of Roku TV. You need to have an HDTV antenna, which you will have to connect to the back of the Roku TV, as there is a port given on the back of the Roku TV. If you don’t know how to carry out this process, then you can take help of experts or follow below-mentioned steps.

Connecting Roku TV to an HDTV antenna:

If you wish to access free ‘over-the-air’ TV broadcasts from TV stations that are at close proximity, then you can do so by using an HDTV antenna. All you have to do is, connect HDTV antenna to the right input on the back of your Roku TV. Here is how you can do that:

  1. Begin with connecting a coaxial cable from your HDTV antenna to ‘cable In/Ant Connector’, which is present on the back of the Roku TV.
  2. Once the coaxial cable has been connected, turn on the Roku TV and go to its ‘home screen’. You will find an option named ‘antenna TV’, so select that option. If you are not able to find that option, then you can manually add it. For that, go to ‘settings’ > ‘TV inputs’ > ‘Antenna TV’ and ‘Set up Input’.
  3. Finally, follow the on-screen instructions and complete the setup.

Note: The place of the HDTV antenna is of huge importance because it will decide as to how many TV stations will you be able to watch and what would be the quality of those.

Finding programs that are broadcasted in my area after connecting HDTV antenna:

You can take help of an option named ‘Smart Guide’ to find ‘over-the-air’ movies and TV shows that are broadcasted nearby your premises, plus you can also find info related to the movies and TV shows that will be broadcasted in the future.

Connecting to a cable TV source:

If you have subscribed to cable TV, then you are going to receive analog and digital TV stations like as if those are local TV stations. There is no need to use a set-top box to decode channels. You just have to connect the cable TV source to the right input given on the back of the Roku player. For this, you can even consult your cable TV service provider.

How to connect cable TV source to ‘Ant/Cable In’ connector on the back of Roku device?

  1. For this, you will have to connect a coaxial cable from the cable source to the ‘cable In/Ant’ connector given on the Roku TV.
  2. Once the cable has been connected, turn on the Roku TV and then, go to ‘home’ screen followed by choosing ‘antenna TV’. If you are not able to find antenna TV, then you can add it. Go to ‘settings’ > ‘TV inputs’ > ‘Antenna TV’ and finally, ‘Set up Input’.
  3. Follow the instructions that are displayed on the TV and complete the setup.

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