How to Troubleshoot Fire TV Blank Screen on Booting?

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Are you getting the Blank screen on your fire TV while performing boot function? If yes, then there is nothing to worry as this is quite a common issue and can be easily solved through troubleshooting steps.

How to fix the Blank Screen

  • If you are getting a blank screen, then it may be due to the reason that your device wants to go into sleep mode but you keep on waking it up. To wake up the device, you need to press Back button.
  • You can also try some shortcuts given on the device remote to wake it up.
  • On remote, you will find Reverse button. Press it for 10 seconds. You will find that your fire TV started displaying different video modes.
  • When you observe any light on your TV screen, then it means that this mode is working properly. You can select that mode. This will solve your problem. You need to also check the resolution of your TV video whether it supports the set resolution or not.
  • Perform a factory reset on your Fire TV. For this, press back and reverse followed by a right. You will be prompted for this action. Select ‘continue’.
  • If the problem is still not solved then there might be some problem in your fire TV or there is need to configure the display settings again.
  • To restart your Fire TV, you need to press ‘Select and Play’ button together. Check if the problem has been resolved or not.

Kodi does not start: If in case everything is working normally except Kodi, then check the guided manual available online for the possible causes of the problem. Most of the times, Kodi stopped working due to its missing files inside the system. At this stage, re-installation is best preferred. This will restore it to working state.

Fire TV HDMI cable: Fire TV requires HDMI cable for its connection to TV. You must ensure that this cable is properly connected at both the ends. If the wire is loose, then connect it firmly. If after looking at HDMI cable you observe that the cable is OK, it doesn’t mean that there is no fault in this cable. It may be broken from inside. In such cases, replace it at once.

Fire TV power cable: This is the cable which provides power supply to the Firestick or TV. If there is any problem in this cable, then you won’t be able to get content on the screen. You will get a blank screen on your TV. For your safety and sake, we always recommend using the new wire that comes with the Fire TV pack. Don’t use old Nokia phone cable. If your power cable is broken, then your device will not able to get proper energy for its operation, as a result, you will get a blank screen on your TV.

Fire TV buffering

In case you are facing the buffering problem on your Fire TV, then check the Fire TV buffering guide. You must take into account the Wi-Fi signal strength, Overheating problem, software glitches and Electromagnetic interference. All these issues may create a buffering problem.

If you are still getting the same problem, then do call us at Firestick support. The technical experts will guide you in a right manner.

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