How to Troubleshoot Fire TV If Kodi App Not Appearing On Screen?

Read this guide if you are coming across any problem related to Kodi app on your Fire TV. If you are not being able to get Kodi on Fire TV screen, then the below mentioned suggestions will help you coming out of this situation.

Delete Kodi app from Amazon purchase:

Go to your Amazon personal account and delete Kodi app from there if it is available in the list. To get the app list, go to ‘Android devices and apps’ section from the Amazon official page. Click on the options given next to Kodi and select ‘Delete’. Now close the window and open settings from Fire TV. Go to ‘Sync Amazon content’ menu. Restart your Fire TV and check if Kodi starts appearing or not.

Clear all app data from the device:

To initiate this, over to ‘Settings’ then to ‘Applications’ click on manage installed apps. Go to ‘Kodi’ app and clear all cache and normal data. Open Fire TV again after resetting it and check if the problem is resolved or not.

Deregistering and re-registering of Fire TV:

For this, go to ‘Amazon account’ and tap on ‘Deregister’. Once the device gets deregistered. You need to enter the login details again to login to the account. This will not delete or uninstall any app but will refresh the device. This will not even unblock the blocked apps on your device. Restart your device once the de-registration process gets finished. Launch home screen and check if Kodi is appearing or not.

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Uninstall and Re-install Kodi:

To uninstall Kodi, go to ‘Settings’ followed by ‘Applications’. Click on ‘Manage installed apps’. Select Kodi and click on ‘Uninstall’. You can load the Kodi again to the device using different techniques. When you delete the app, it will delete all the data like Kodi list, history, and plugins from the device related to Kodi. Re-install Kodi and restart your fire TV. Check if it started appearing on the screen or not.

Install latest fire OS version in the rooted Fire TV:

If your Fire TV is rooted or you are getting the problem in displaying the Kodi on the screen, then we recommend you to install pre-rooted ROM version 5 in it. This is due to the explicit version that places Kodi on the screen. If you have upgraded your fire TV model earlier, then there is no risk in downgrading it to 5.2.0. You must ensure that Kodi is installed in your device prior to installing the ROM version.

Factory Resetting of Fire TV:

If none of the above mentioned steps work for you, then only way left out is Factory resetting of your device. You might be aware of factory resetting. If not, then we want to let you know that when you perform factory resetting, all the data stored in the Fire TV will get deleted and you need to setup device again. Don’t forget to block the updates or app again once you factory reset your device. After factory resetting, you need to download all the apps again into your Fire TV. You can download the apps from Amazon app store. To factory reset your device, go to ‘Settings’ then to ‘System’ and select ‘Factory reset’ option. You will be prompted for this action for the first time. Click to continue. If the problem still persists after installing the Kodi again, then you can call at Fire TV support.

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