How To Troubleshoot The 3 Most Common Problems Of Your Amazon Echo?

All the speech recognition based devices like Amazon Echo, dot and tap have the capability to control your home appliances through your speech. You don’t need to go to switch to turn off the light. Everything will be done by the smart device only. You just need to do Amazon echo setup at home rest will be done by itself. 

But the things don’t go as it is, you may come across with some problems which put a dent in its image. If you are also facing the problem with Amazon echo, then keep reading this post.

If you have configured Amazon echo on your device through www Amazon com echosetup and getting complicated issues on it, then there is nothing to worry. We are going to help you out in this regard. We are now going to discuss the most common problems of Echo with you along with possible solutions.

  1. Alexa not able to find your smart home devices: If your amazon echo is not able to connect to the home device, then check the support for your device first on Amazon Echo help If your Amazon device doesn’t support the home device, you won’t be able to connect to it.

If you want to add a new device with Alexa, then open the app and go to ‘Device’ menu. You can add the device either through IFTTT channels or through a direct link.  Before adding the device, you must check the supportability for Amazon Echo. If you have already connected the device to the echo but is not performing well, then follow the mentioned steps to fix it.

  • First of all, check the wake-up word of your device. Whether it is same as what you are using. If there is any difference, then you may face the problem.
  • If your home appliances keep on disconnecting itself after a short while, then there is some problem with the software part. Check whether you have installed the setup properly or not. If you are using Amazon dot, then check the setup from Amazon Echo dot setup page and restart your device.
  1. Disconnecting again and again from the wireless network: If you are getting this issue with the Amazon echo or dot, then the best way to fix this is: Restart all the wireless devices like modem and router. Try connecting again. If you are still getting the same problem, then there is a problem in your device or you can try moving the router closer to the device for better reception of the signal.
  2. Alexa not listening properly: If you noticed that Alexa is not responding properly to your commands as it should be, then you need to troubleshoot it. For this, Switch off the speaker and turn it on after 5 seconds. If the problem still goes on, then place the device away from natural disturbance and temporary noise. You may get success after performing this step.

If there is any audio device placed in the same room where your amazon echo is placed, then the audio from the device may affect the working of your Amazon mic because the mic will keep on picking the voice from all local sources which in turns affects its processing. So, for better result always keep the device away from audio equipment’s and go through the voice training program of your Alexa app. If you are still having any doubt, then feel free to ask us at our Amazon echo support number.

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