How To Use Adoptable Storage And Customize Home Screen In NVidia Shield TV?

NVidia Shield TV is the center of the talks these days. Whoever is looking to buy a streaming device is paying a special attention towards the Shield TV. Reason being, it is a one-of-its-own-kind of streaming device, which comes with a special set of features and functionality that is nowhere else to be found. We have discussed the steps regarding setting up of this device and fine-tuning the settings, so let us move onto the next steps.

Today, we will be discussing adoptable storage and customization of the home screen. These two are also quite important aspects when it comes to using this device, which is why I thought, I should discuss these with you all.

There are two versions of NVidia Shield TV available on the market. One comes with a 16 GB storage space and the second version comes with 500 GB storage space and is also called the Pro Version. So, adoptable storage is not meant for those using the Pro Version because they already have an adequate amount of storage to store their favorite digital content. However, people using a 16 GB model would find ‘adoptable storage’ extremely useful, so those can pay attention to what follows.

What is Adoptable Storage?

Well, adoptable storage is a type of storage that allows your NVidia Shield TV treat an external storage as part of its own hard drive. This means, if you have connected a pen drive to this device, then it is going to work as if it was a part of the system. Although pen drive or USB stick works fine, it is better to go for an external hard drive because it allows more space to you than a USB stick. But, when you format that external hard drive as an adopted storage, then it is going to become encrypted to the Shield. So, if you want to use it again for other purposes, then you will have to format it again to be able to do so.

If you have a single external hard drive and you want to use it elsewhere, then it is suggested not to create it as an adopted storage. If you connect that external drive on some other device, then you will be able to access files and folder, but if you want to install applications or games, then that won’t be possible.

How to setup adopted storage?

Here is how you can set up adopted storage to get more space to store your favorite digital content.

  1. Start off with plugging in the USB device.
  2. Go to ‘settings’ menu, then ‘storage and reset’ and finally, ‘shield storage access’.
  3. Click on the external drive that you have connected to the device.
  4. Choose ‘set up as internal storage’ on the next screen.
  5. Lastly, choose the option that says ‘move now’.

How to customize the home screen?

When you launch NVidia Shield TV, you see a lean back launcher under which, there are three rows. The top row consists of the recommendations based on the apps that you have installed on the device.

But, if you don’t want to see those recommendations, then you can hide the apps from that row and instead, create a great feed of your favorite content, which you wish to see from the apps.

  1. To hide the apps that you don’t wish to see, you will have to go to ‘settings’ menu, then ‘preferences’, ‘home screen’ and finally ‘recommendations’ row.
  2. There are sliders given corresponding to each app, so toggle the slider to enable or disable the app.
  3. You can also change the order of the applications so as to find the most opened apps at the top and the least opened at the bottom. This can be done by going to settings, then preferences, home screen and finally, apps and games row.

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