How To Watch Netflix Movies Offline On Phone Or Tablet?

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After performing hundreds of research and development, Netflix has finally launched offline version of streaming for Android and iOS users. All users can watch the Netflix content offline with the help of Netflix app installed in it.

This means that iPhone and Android users can now download their favorite programs from Netflix when they are connected to internet and watch later in the absence of internet.  They don’t require internet connection again. You can watch content when you are on a plane or at a place where there is limited connectivity of network.

How to use Netflix offline viewing?

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  1. Download an update: If you have not updated the app yet, then update it first. You can update it from App store. Open the store and click on ‘Download menu.
  2. Open download menu: When you open this menu, all contents available for downloading will be displayed on the screen. You can select any from the given list. To scroll through the list, you can take help of mouse. In case, no splash screen appears on the screen, then locate for ‘Available for download’ option. This is listed in left side of menu inside an app.
  3. Click on show you want to download: After performing step 2, click on particular show which you want to download. All the original content like Stranger things, Narcos will be displayed directly on the screen. Tap on thumbnail given next to the name of the show or movie. Another page will be opened on the screen for that particular selection. Click ‘Download’ to start downloading. If you are searching for a TV series, then click on the icon given next to each TV series.

In contrary to Amazon, there isn’t any limit on downloading a content at a time. You can download as many contents as you want. Whereas in Amazon only three are allowed at a time. You can save entire season in one go. Moreover, there is no need for a subscription for downloading.

  1. Check your data usage: Before starting downloading the data, you must change the settings of your data pack. You need to restrict the data limit from your current plan. Another way to save your data is to click on apps and settings menu and restrict the downloading to wireless only. It means that your downloading will start only when your mobile is connected to Wi-Fi network.

In a recent research, it has been found that a complete episode of Narcos consumes 250 MB of data in standard quality. If you download it in higher resolution, then it will take 420 MB of data. In most of the smartphones, you can easily notice the screen resolution difference with the different quality of videos but if you play the same videos on your tablet, then you can easily observe the difference.

It is worth mentioning here that, you can now download Netflix content on MicroSD card fixed on your android phone. Netflix has made this possible. You will find the storage destination option when you start downloading any movie or show.

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