Hulu’s Live Streaming Service Rolled Out On Amazon Fire TV

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if you are a prime user of Hulu’s live TV service, then you can now get the access to the dynamic live TV service on your Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick.

All Hulu users, how your Hulu experience is going? In such a competitive period, Hulu has maintained its position as the key streaming service provider. This is the reason the company is continuously involved in upgrading its fine streaming service to provide the ultimate streaming experience to all the global users out there.

In the chain of upgrades, one of the noticeable updates is the Hulu’s Live TV service, which got launched in May and it is the expanded version of Hulu. This version renders the access to the live television in addition to the on-demand library of Hulu. Now, it is available on Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Fire Stick. This platform expansion is the major upgrade by the company in such a short span of time, as previously it was available on Android, Apple TV, Xbox One, Chromecast, and iOS.

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In the lineup of all the devices, the Amazon Fire TV is one of the unapproached platforms where the Hulu is still required to get released to get in the list of cross-platform service.

According to Hulu, the limited availability of the latest services has permitted the company to learn from the feedback and then head to release all the improvements and changes before its launch. This seems a fine thing, as the overloaded user interface of Hulu and reframed design has led to many complaints. When we head to analyze the Hulu’s live TV, we get that the organization and layout of the Hulu’s home screen have something wrong with the extra focus on the Hulu’s personalization goals to the easy access to all the shows that you wish to track and watch.

However, Hulu has also been engaged in rolling out some of the few tweaks related to all the problems that the company got to know from the user’s forum feedback.

But these issues were just the minor ones, rather all those big problems related to the design and navigation, which Hulu is still about to fix out and render the proper solution.  It is not clear how much the design change will impact on the performance of Hulu in the long run. As all the people who are heading to the streaming services just wish for getting the dynamic content and usability on all the compatible devices. And in that sense, Hulu is still offering a competitive bunch of on-demand programming along with the live streaming service from across the 50 countries for just $39.99/month including the fascinating originals and an extensive library.

Even, all the users are also allowed to add-on the upgrades like unlimited streams, expanded DVR (200 hours), Cinemax, Showtime, or premium networks like HBO. While regarding Fire TV Support, the current Hulu app will directly get upgraded to the latest experience. It will be the default for all the current users as well as who has newly joined the TV service.

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