Is Roku Planning To Enter Into New Smart- Speaker Market?

Roku a center point for streaming device media as well as for advertising platform may have been under-estimated by the people that it is not a leading hardware company any longer. But, the actual things is that the company has no such intention of closing the business.

As per latest research from Parks Associates, Roku’s share in streaming device market is 38%. Amazon has got the edge over Google with 28% consumers using Fire TV and only 14% are using Chromecast. Apple has now stepped down to third place with only 15% share for Apple TV box.

Roku is not trying its hands in hardware and software individually but trying to build both. In its latest launch, Roku has just licensed out a wireless speaker to the third-party developer by the name of Roku connect.

This device was launched previous year and has now got integrated into the reputed brand smart speakers which connect your home’s complete entertainment system into a unified system that you can control with your voice.

Wall-to-wall sound

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Chinese consumer electronics company TCL in the consumer show 2018 revealed that the smart speakers in collaboration with Roku are going to launch smart speakers this year. It would be one of its kind Roku wireless speakers which are going to launch in the market.

Roku in its press conference with various media partners said that they are going to provide the license to different third parties to design sound bars for controlling home entertainment system with voice. A sound bar is a type of device that delivers high-quality sound on TV without consuming much space as home space do.

This TCL Roku smart Soundbar will be compatible with all TV’s from different brands.  But if you connect it to Roku TV, then you can extend its features like hands-free voice to audio capabilities and many more.

In our opinion, Roku is a bit late in launching smart speaker in the market. If we compare it with its rival Amazon, you will find that it had launched Alexa powered echo a year back with same capabilities and it is doing good in the market with market share of 70%. Another thing to look here is that Roku smart speaker is not properly an artificial intelligence device but only acting as a home entertainment just like Apple Home pad. However, there is an option available in Roku connect, a company can add functionality later on and it will start controlling more household devices and work like fully-functional voice assistant.

Roku existing customers are satisfied with the performance and reliability of media streaming device. By adding this new voice control device, it will certainly add popularity among the users. Right now, Amazon is dominating the smart speaker market with 19 million households using smart speaker which account for 20% of total market share. So, we can say that Roku can achieve well in this niche market.

Roku is not going to develop the sound bars and smart speakers itself but it is going to build up its own base by providing the software capabilities to the third party sound bar developers who are key players in this inchoate market.

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