Is Your Amazon Echo Alexa Spying On Everything You Speak And Watch?

As per the latest news published in a renowned newspaper, it has been found that Amazon echo device is spying on each and every activity done by you in a day. Moreover, some users have also said that police is using this device to record the statements and past history of criminals. If you are wondering that how is it possible, then we are going to provide information about it. 

Most of the users who use Amazon Echo know the functionality and features of Amazon echo device but there are few who are having some problem in using this device.

We want to mention here that Amazon Echo doesn’t record any voice or video until or unless you have told to do so. You can’t send any audio voice or particular location to the server because the Amazon servers find it difficult to save the cluster of data sent from individual echo.

Echo works on Hot-words mainly like if you got trapped in a jam and want to find cars similar to yours, then send the command to Alexa, and it will respond to your query in a very precise way, but if you think that this information will get stored permanently on the servers, then you are wrong. All the information will be erased-out once the result gets displayed.

In the same way, police officials are using this device to track the criminals from a particular location. They just speak the keywords through Echo mic and Alexa finds for the result and responded with a beautiful voice. This method practically sometimes works and sometimes not because it is difficult to trace the exact location of criminals. If you have enabled recording function on your Amazon Echo, then you can listen to all your recordings through amazon app installed on your smartphone.

If you don’t want to keep recordings on your device, then you can delete these easily from the app itself. Open the app and select all recordings which you don’t want to keep with yourself. To switch off recordings, simply turn off Microphone of Amazon Echo.

The prime accused has noticed that his echo was playing music through the speaker which he played last night whereas his Echo was lying in the kitchen and he tried to use it for some other purpose. He found that the previous actions which he had applied on the Echo were saved by it. He has also submitted the search warrant to Amazon in this regard.

From the above paragraph, it is clear that police officials use the history chart of Amazon Echo to detect the previous location of criminals and to catch them in a way similar to the one that involves making use of cell phones to trace the location of criminals.

Conclusion: From the above post, it has been concluded that Amazon Echo doesn’t record your statement or actions unless or until it got hacked by some hacker. If a hacker hacks your device, then he can easily record the stream of audios played on your device.

Nowadays, these gadgets are loaded with a microphone and video cameras, which can easily store your movement and speech. So it has become your responsibility to use this device carefully and protect it from coming in the influence of hackers available online.


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