New On Netflix: Comic Sans font in Subtitles and 90-second trailers

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Have you been using Netflix for the past few years? If yes, then you must have checked out the new font that the company has introduced, i.e., ‘Comic Sans’ font and 90-second trailer.

If you watch content with subtitles, then you can easily change the subtitles to ‘Comic Sans’. Along with that, Netflix has also introduced 90-second trailers for the content that is available on the platform. This will help you decide whether you want to watch a particular movie or not. Let’s discuss both new features in detail below.

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Netflix now lets you change the source of the movie and series caption to Comic Sans. The news comes only to the browser version of the streaming service and has not yet been forecast to be available for mobile phones. The change can be made very simply and is activated as soon as the user makes the change in the configuration of video options. Any content from Netflix can be viewed with the Comic Sans font when captions are enabled.

Picked up with a friend or personal preference, you can help your captions for the funniest – or hated – the source of the Internet anytime you want. Here is how you can turn on ‘Comic Sans’ font

Step 1. Open Netflix and sign in with your account.

Step 2. Click on your profile in the corner of the screen and then on “Manage profiles”.

Step 3. Scroll down the screen until you see the “Subtitles Display” option.

Step 4. Click the box where “Block” is written to select a new caption.

Step 5. Choose the caption “Casual” as it is called Comic Sans by Netflix, then click “Save”.

Step 6. Just select your favorite movie or series and start watching with the new caption setting.

Netflix launches 90-second trailers

Netflix has released another novelty to help choose the next movie or series that will be watched on the platform: video previews. They’re 90-second trailers, which will give you a better idea of ​​what that show or feature film can be. In a statement on the official blog, Netflix clarifies that the previews are not exactly “complete trailers”, but “synopses in videos”.

The previews will be released gradually around the world, on all compatible devices, such as video games, transmitters, TVs and applications.

When you will bring the cursor over a movie, for example, instead of a still image of the work, a small preview with audio, description and other audiovisual elements will be displayed.

According to the platform, the purpose of the previews is precisely to reduce the time that users take to choose what to watch. Most of the time, everyone just browses the menu and ends up choosing not a movie or taking time that could be spent watching a new title.

So the 90-second trailers give you a better idea of ​​what that series might be, going beyond the synopsis itself, which in many cases is limited. “This release is part of our ongoing efforts to develop an Internet TV experience with more options, richer images, better context, and a friendlier experience,” the company said.

Recently, as part of efforts to enhance the user experience, Netflix has launched the feature of downloading movies and series, to watch offline. This option is not available for previews, but can already be used on mobile devices. If the doubt about which title to watch still remains, there are apps that can also help in choosing movies that users really want to see.

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