NVidia Shield TV Support


NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV streaming box is one of its own kind of device, which allows you stream your favorite digital content in the comfort of your own house. What else are you getting in this amazing gadget? Well, the list is endless, but we are going to cover each and every aspect of NVidia Shield Android TV streaming box.

With this box, you can stream digital content from Amazon Video and other reputed platforms as well. Videos that are of 4K quality can be viewed in the device. You will also receive HDR features in this device as well, which is something that is not available in many streaming devices.

There is no denying the fact that NVidia Shield Android TV Streaming Box is a beast when it comes to streaming high-quality digital content. You can access a huge variety of digital content in a fast and smooth way. It doesn’t matter if the content is of the standard quality or Full HD quality.

The device furnishes infinite application and entertainment, which is perhaps the reason that the device has gained a lot of popularity in the world. The brand is yet in its initial stage, but the way it has accumulated a huge variety of applications simply puts it into the category of top quality products that are available on the market today. You don’t need a personal computer to access 1st tier games on this device.

There are several other features available in this device such as voice search and interactivity with the help of a controller. If you are using Google Assistance in your daily life, then you can continue using it, but this time, you can make use of NVidia Shield Android TV streaming box. Moreover, if you come across any issue, then you have the option of getting in touch with NVidia customer support. Experts will provide you with all the details regarding the problem that you are facing in the device.

You can operate this device and control all the functionalities with your voice. It is needless to say, but this is a game changing device, which is three times faster than its competitors. Though this device might not be as diverse, it is capable of handling a gamut of media tasks along with high-speed gaming end.


  1. This box will provide you with an amazing ultra-high definition streaming media player along with a mind-blowing picture quality that has 4K resolution. With this device, you can watch your favorite content from popular channels such as YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and VUDU, etc. The quality is so excellent that you can see each and every detail quite easily. Moreover, you get an option to control a number of aspects in the video such as brightness, color and so on. If you are using Netflix, then you can watch every detail of HDR (High Dynamic Range). If you have been looking to experience home-theatre like experience at home, then you can, with the help of this device. There is an option of private listening, which is a great addition to a device that already looks superb. You will get a flawless private listening experience with this device.
  2. The device includes in-built Google Voice search option that allows you to fetch any result of your choosy. With Google Voice integrated into the device, you don’t have to get stuck in the labyrinth of buttons and options. You can simply give the commands in Google Voice and the respective screen will appear on your TV. You can ask for a particular video, application, game or anything else. There is no need to write anything regarding the item you want to launch. Just say ‘show me a top-rated TV series’ or ‘show me a sports movie’, and you will see a list of TV shows and movies respectively on your TV screen.
  3. The device offers high dynamic range features, means, you can experience vivid colors, brighter visuals, and all details. The ability of the device to display 4K HDR with sharp and high-quality images that consist of rich colors is what you will find very attractive. If you are interested in knowing more about NVIDIA Shield TV, then all you have to do is contact us, i.e., NVidia Shield TV support. We have been following this device closely from the day it got launched into the market, so there is no one better than us who could explain you about this device. So, get in touch with us and enlighten yourself regarding this amazing streaming device.

A blue-chip Streaming machine

Having NVidia Shield Android TV Streaming box means having the fastest streaming device at home because there is no other device that is as fast and as efficient as this one when it comes to accessing movies, TV shows or play games. NVIDIA, as we all know, is a world-class graphic card and processor manufacturer in the world and this time around, it has built a highly unique and advanced mobile processor with which, you can stream your favorite digital content without any interruption. You will also get a plethora of free streaming channels in several niches such as sports, music, news, miscellaneous and so on. Moreover, you can control a number of home appliances and lights in your house with this device.


This is a single device with multiple functionalities. It will do a range of tasks, from streaming 4K TV shows and movies and play heavy games that you otherwise would have played in Android. You can play a host of games with the help of this box. The design of NVIDIA Shield TV allows you to do all these things in a very easy way.

Shield Android TV and Shield Android TV Pro is powered by Android 7.0, which is more popularly known as Android Nougat. It has a 3 GB of RAM and 16 GB of Storage through USB. Android TV Pro has even greater storage, i.e., 500 GB of adaptable storage over microSD or USB.

More about storage space

Deemed as an intriguing aspect in the device, storage space is also an important aspect in a device like the one we are discussing here. With 16 GB of internal storage space and 500 GB of the hard drive in the devices will allow you to have more of your favorite content ready to be streamed any time. You can store a good amount of games, movies and TV shows, which you can access at your will. If there is any issue in storing the data, then you can get in touch with NVidia help and support provider and determine what’s wrong in the storage and how to fix it.

You can get new Shield Pro, which now comes with a remote control. You will get rechargeable batteries along with a headphone jack as well, which you can use for private listening. So, it is not just the device that you are getting, but a good number of accessories as well.

Firmware update

NVidia Shield TV version 3.0 has got a firmware update. Previously, it was running on Android 6.0, but recently, the firmware got updated. If you are trying to update the firmware of the device, but are not able to do so, then you can take the help of NVidia Shield TV support because they can provide you with a quick and reliable solution for this or any other issue related to the device.

Issues in NVidia Shield Android TV streaming box that you can face in the near future:

1.Google Play Store not working in the device.

2.Unable to stream any movie, TV show or anything else.

3.All connections have been made properly, yet the device is not working at all.

4.New ‘NVidia HDMI Services Stopped’ error message is being displayed on the screen.

5.Shield controller is not working properly.

6.The remote control is not working at all. When the volume button is pressed, it just doesn’t increase the volume.

7.The shield was put to sleep, and now, it is not turning on.

8.Despite a good amount of storage, adding content is not possible.

9.A few channels are not working despite reinstalling them various times.

10.The device freezes up frequently and doesn’t get back to normal state.

These are some of the most common issues that you would come across in the device. But, there are many less known issues as well, which can arise anytime. You don’t have to be afraid of those issues, as those can be fixed quite easily with the help of NVidia technical support facility. Just get in touch with support providers and consider your issues disappear once and for all. It is extremely important to consult an expert rather than experimenting things on your own, which could make the issue even more complicated.