Plusnet Router Login

When you sign-up at Plusnet webmail login page fiber optic broadband, you can feel yourself a proud owner of Plusnet Hub one router. Let’s dive into details, how you can sign-up for this broadband service and avail services of Plusnet router.

Plusnet launched a new router by the name of Hub Zero last year and now it has moved step further by introducing Hub One, a new and advanced form of router that satisfies your network needs in much efficient manner.

How to get Plusnet Hub one?

You can get the plusnet router along with Plusnet login for free with fibre optic broadband package. It doesn’t matter you have subscribed to the limited or unlimited Fibre package, you will get Hub one router with every package.

Features of Plusnet Router

  • The latest router supports dual-band Wi-Fi.
  • You can transfer data at two different bands with faster internet speeds.
  • Fibre optic connections enabled.
  • New ports introduced for connecting the storage devices and printers.

Once you got the router with the package, you need to configure it on the network. We are now going to share steps for Plusnet router login along with setup.


  1. Before starting with the process of Wi-Fi modem or router setup, make sure that broadband connection is running properly.
  2. Connect the router to the main telephone socket instead of connecting somewhere else.
  3. Turn on the Hub all time if you can.

Once, all the conditions are satisfied, you can proceed further with admin login process. Keep the Ethernet cable, micro filter and power cable handy. Place the router away from kitchen and in the center of your living house so that it can transmit equal signal in all directions.

How to Login to Router?

  • Connect one end of the DSL cable to the router and another to the master socket also known as micro filter. It won’t interfere phone line with the router.
  • Connect the router to the power supply and wait for the green light to get stable.
  • Connect your laptop or computer to the router using either wired or wireless connection. If you are using wireless connection, then connect the computer to the SSID of the router displaying in the ‘Network list’.
  • If you are going to connect to the router using the wired connection, then open the web browser and enter the default URL of router sign-in. If you don’t know the default address, you can confirm from the experts.
  • Now, after login to the page ‘A new router setup’ option will appear. When you press on it, the instructions will go sidewise. You can follow these instructions to complete the setup.
  • Restart the router and wait for 1 minute till it gets on.
  • Start connecting the wireless devices to the router using the SSID and passkey.

How to change the SSID and password of your Plusnet router?

Sometimes, you might notice that your internet is being accessed by someone without your knowledge. This happens mainly if the intruder know the default login password and username. In order to protect your router from being accessed by third person, you must change the SSID and password. You can perform the password reset even if you have forgot the current password for your router.

To change the SSID and password, go to ‘Advanced settings’ from the top of the login screen. Click on ‘Wireless’ and search for ‘SSID and ‘Password’. Keep the SSID and password, a combination of characters and numbers so that it can’t be guessed by anyone. If possible, select WPA-PSK security type. Now restart your router and check if the new settings are configured or not.

Keep on changing the SSID and my router login password more often or once in 6 months.

Possible issues and errors that can be encountered on router admin login page

  1. Password doesn’t work: If the password you are entering to login to the router is not working, then the best solution is to reset the password using ‘Forgot password’ link. You will find the link name ‘How to reset the plusnet router to default settings’. You can perform the reset function from plusnet mobile login page even.
  2. Forgot password: If you have set a new password for your router login and forgot it, then click on ‘How to reset the password link’ given under ‘Password reset section’.
  3. Router not working: If the router is not working as per your expectations, then you can reset it by pressing the ‘Reset’ button from the back of your router hardware. You will find all the settings come to its default after resetting the router.

How to boost the Wi-Fi capacity of your router and overcome connectivity problems?

  1. You must place the router at perfect place where it can easily receive and transmit the signal equally in all directions.
  2. Select the wireless channel manually instead of being selected ‘Automatically’ by the router. You can open the ‘Channel’ menu from the ‘Settings’ page of your router. The channel must not interfere with any other nearby device that emits radio waves.
  3. Check the frequency of your router. You can set it to 2.5 GHz and 5 GHz basis on your requirement. If you need high bandwidth, then select 5 GHz and if you need the signal to be transferred to distant place, then select 2.4 GHz.
  4. Try connecting the Gaming devices, streaming players and Wi-Fi TV directly to the router using the Ethernet cable instead of using Wi-Fi connectivity.
  5. Reboot your device after fixed interval of time as it helps fixing the temporary issues related to speed, performance and connectivity. You can reboot the device by just unplugging it and wait for 2 minutes. Turn on the device again and see how the connectivity gets improved.