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Roku player is among the top-rated streaming devices in the world. Roku has a wide range of channels, some of which are exclusive to Roku. In order to access Roku device, you will have to register an account on Roku and also perform Roku activation. There are certain steps that you have to follow in the same order, and you won’t find any difficulties in activating your Roku device.

Activating Roku account using Roku.com/link

  1. Start off with opening up your internet browser in your computer or laptop.
  2. Enter the official Roku activation link URL in the browser, which is www.roku.com/link. You can also go to my.roku.com/link if you want.
  3. As soon as the webpage opens, you have to enter Roku activation code.
  4. If you have an account on Roku, then use that to activate Roku device.
  5. In case, you don’t have an account on Roku, then you can create one easily.
  6. To create an account, click option named ‘create new account’.
  7. You have to enter your name, email ID, and password. Verify your account after that.
  8. In order to purchase something or doing any transaction from Roku, you will have to create a pin.
  9. Now, add a payment method because all payments will be made through electronic mediums.
  10. Enter your credit card details.
  11. You can go to my.roku.com/link in order to buy channels from Roku player.
  12. You will be only charged for the channel that you purchase and nothing else.
  13. There are certain channels that are provided by Roku, which you can add to your preference.
  14. If you are looking to buy paid channels, then you will have to select the channel that you want to buy and pay using your credit card.
  15. You are going to get more than 1000 channels at the time of setting up Roku device.
  16. Once you add the channels, you can enjoy your favorite digital content on your streaming device.
  17. Roku device will refresh after you add new channels and will also show a message regarding the addition of new channels.
  18. Your Roku device is ready to use now.
  19. In case you come across any issue, then you can go to Roku.com/link for better assistance.

How to setup Roku using link activation code?

The setup process that we are about to discuss works for all Roku models, so it doesn’t matter which Roku device you are using, you will still be able to setup your Roku device using steps that we will mention below.

It is not be noted that a few older models don’t use HDMI cable as the primary style of video connection to transmit a video signal to the television. However, the setup process works for 98% of the recent Roku models. For those using older models should check, which style of video connection is present on both, Roku and television.

In order to setup Roku, you will require three things – two inputs and one output.

  1. A working internet source, which could be wired or wireless.
  2. An electrical power source.
  3. Video output.

Internet: It is preferred to use wired internet connection while setting up Roku. Reason being, wired connection works faster than a wireless connection. There are many Roku devices that have wired internet input, but there are some that don’t, so you need to check your Roku device. If you are using Roku Express and Roku Streaming Stick, then you can’t use wired internet connection.

If you have a wired internet connection, then you can use it to connect to the internet with your Roku. If not, then you will have to use Wi-Fi connection.

Electrical Power: You can use two types of power for your Roku device. If you are using Roku TV, then you will have to plug in the main power to your television. Roku that is connected to the TV will also be powered up, and then, you can move ahead with the process to activate Roku. If you have Roku streaming stick, then you can directly connect it to the USB port of your TV. It doesn’t matter which Roku device you are using, you have to make sure that the device is connected properly.

Let us find out how the setup works for different Roku device:

  1. Roku TV: The connections are done internally and are done already. You don’t have to make any connections.
  2. Roku Streaming Stick: In this, the male port is given in the stick, and you just need to connect it to the available HDMI port of your TV.
  3. Roku Express: You will have to connect HDMI male connectors on both ends of Roku Express. One end will be connected to the HDMI port of Roku and another on the HDMI port that is available on the TV.
  4. Video Selection: You will have to use the remote control of your TV in order to make sure that the port on which, you have connected your Roku device with should be the port that will be used by your TV to display video on the screen.
  5. You will see Roku logo on the screen, which will confirm that the device has properly turned on.
  6. If you can’t see Roku logo, then you need to check whether the device has been properly plugged into the electrical socket or not. Moreover, you need to check whether the TV is programmed for the exact same input of HDMI cable. The cable should be properly connected to both, TV and Roku device.
  7. There will be a button at the end of your remote, which you have to press for three seconds. This step works for Roku Express, Roku Player, and Roku TV. For Roku Stick, the process will be a bit different. The stick is usually placed behind the TV, so the infrared light can’t reach there. For Roku stick, a radio signal will be transmitted for operating the stick.
  8. You will have to select the language after which, you will select the wireless network that you want to connect with. Enter the password for the network and that’s it.
  9. Once connected to the internet, your Roku device will start downloading updates, so you let it happen.
  10. After all the updates are installed, your device will restart.

If you come across any issue, then you can take the help of Roku help and support providers via www.roku.com/link.

How to use Roku player after setting it up through my.roku.com/link?

In order to use Roku player, you will require a TV or a computer. Besides that, you will also need a working internet connection with a good speed. A good working internet connection will ensure proper streaming of videos. You will find all the guidelines in the manual that comes along with Roku media player. You can also go to my.roku.com/link to know more about the process.

What does Roku have in the offing as a streaming device?

  1. Roku supports full HD movies and TV shows, i.e., videos and movies at 1080p.
  2. The list of movies and TV shows on Roku is endless.
  3. You will get a remote control as well, which will include all settings and options.
  4. Roku gives you the ability to stream content through wired or wireless internet network.
  5. You will get a user-friendly app for a smartphone as well.
  6. If you are interested in private listening, then the company gives headphones as well.
  7. There is a special night listening mode as well, which results in noise reduction and increment of soft sounds.
  8. There are many different models of Roku available on the market, thus giving you options to buy your favorite device.

Roku.com/link issues and troubleshooting

While setting up or activating Roku, it is quite common to face issues. So, if you have come across any issue while setting up or activating your Roku device, then you can take the help of professional experts. Not just Roku, but Roku remote related issues can be fixed by getting in touch with Roku help and support providers.

Troubleshooting Roku Remote Problems:

Roku remote plays a huge role in the functioning of Roku player. If your Roku remote has stopped working or is giving you problems, then you should take help of experts to get rid of all the issues befalling your Roku remote.

Roku Remote Not Working

This problem is very frustrating and you can get rid of it by following a few steps.

  1. The first thing that you have to check is whether the batteries that are inserted in your batteries are working. Moreover, you need to place the batteries properly in order to avoid any issues.
  2. You can check the batteries by inserting it in the remote of some other device.
  3. If the batteries are working in proper condition, then you need to press ‘pairing’ button under your Roku remote.
  4. You will see a green LED on the front that will flash, and once you see it glowing, drop the pairing button.
  5. Your Roku remote is working fine.

Roku Remote working, but it hasn’t been synced with Roku device

In order to use Roku device using Roku remote, you will have to sync both the devices together first.

  1. The first thing that you will have to do is, turn off your Roku player by unplugging the power adapter.
  2. You will have to wait for a few minutes before plugging the power adapter back again.
  3. On your remote control, you will have to open the back battery compartment followed by which, you have to press pairing button for three seconds.
  4. Again, wait for 10 seconds or until the LED in the remote stops flashing.
  5. Your Roku remote is ready to use now.

Roku remote not paired with Roku player

If you want your Roku device to act according to the button you press on your remote, you will have to pair it first. Here is the process to sync your Roku device with Roku remote.

  1. You have to press ‘home’ button followed by choosing ‘settings’ option.
  2. Then, you have to select ‘remote pairing’ after which, you will have to follow on-screen instructions.
  3. After the procedure is complete, you need to check if the remote control has been paired with Roku player or not.
  4. If the remote hasn’t been paired yet, then you need to unplug the power adapter from your Roku device.
  5. There will be two buttons on your Roku remote by the name of ‘A’ and ‘B’. Press and hold both these button at the same time.
  6. After pressing these buttons, you need to press ‘pairing’ button, which is given at the back of your Roku remote.
  7. When the LED flashes for 3 times, then, you have to release the pairing button. This will indicate that your Roku remote is clear. With these instructions, you can get rid of HDCP authorized Roku issue.

Unable to update Roku with the latest software

A Roku device, which is not updated can create multiple issues. Therefore, it is important to keep the device updated. You are going to see Error 011 when your Roku player or Roku remote is not updated. There are certain steps through which you can update the software of your Roku device.

  1. The first step is to go to www.Roku.com.
  2. Then, you will find an option to update your device software, which you have to click. You need to have a properly working internet connection in order to ensure smooth and uninterrupted software update.

Even after updating the software, your Roku remote or Roku player doesn’t work properly, then you might just have to perform a factory reset. If you don’t know the steps to perform a factory reset, then follow below-mentioned steps.

  1. There will be a reset button at the back of your Roku player.
  2. Press ‘reset’ button for 20 seconds and this will ensure that your Roku device is reset.
  3. All the problems that you were facing will now be resolved. You don’t have to worry about anything else.

Problems that occur while activating Roku device

Though the activation process of Roku is easy, at times, people do experience certain problems. We have described a few problems that are quite common among Roku users.

An error occurred while activating Roku device

In case, you get an error while entering the activation code, then you must try entering the code again. If the error persists, then it could be typing error or network error as well. Here is how you can get rid of the issue.

  1. Click ‘home’ button on your Roku player.
  2. There will be an option named ‘Help’ that you have to choose. Or, press (*) on Roku remote.
  3. Then, click on the option named ‘Get a new code’.
  4. You will now see a new Roku link activation code on the screen, so fill that new Roku activation code on Roku.com/link.

Seeing the same page even after entering Roku link activation code

This is also a common problem that most Roku users encounter. Sometimes, it takes time for Roku to process that activation code, so you need to be patient. But, if you are seeing the same ‘activation’ screen on your TV, then there could be some other problem. Here is how you can fix that issue.

  1. You need to confirm first that you have performed all the steps that you saw on the screen, and also refreshed your device.
  2. If you see ‘not connected’ or ‘Error 001’ on your screen, then it means that your device probably is not connected to the internet network.
  3. If that is the case, then you have to select ‘try again’ button followed by connecting your Roku player to the network again.

With this, you can perform all the steps that are important to activate Roku player. If you come across any issue, then you have the option of taking help from Roku help and support providers.

It is imperative to follow all the steps that are discussed above in the same order in which they have been mentioned. Only then, you will be able to perform Roku setup, activate it and troubleshoot Roku remote or Roku player in a proper manner. The chances of facing issues become less when you perform the setup and activation process properly, but you can’t take anything for granted with an electronic device.

For all Roku issues, you have the option of getting in touch with experts and asking them about the problem that you are facing in the device. They will provide you with quick and accurate assistance that will help eradicate the issue in the best manner. It is a fully functional Roku device that will provide you with great movies and TV shows, which you were looking to have for past many years.