Roku Channel Makes Its Way to Select Samsung Smart TVs

Roku channel is all set to make its way onto the select Samsung Smart TVs. This move is considered significantly important by many experts because it will pave the way for Roku to the homes of millions of new consumers.

Roku is on the move to expand its free, ad-based curated Video-On-Demand service to another popular streaming platform.

It is sufficed as an important move by the company because the company is looking to extend a bridge beyond its own ecosystem of streaming device. The most popular channel, i.e., Roku channel is going to be available on select Samsung smart TVs in the summer of 2018 along with its free ad-supported Video-On-Demand service. How’s that for a surprise? Both Roku users and Samsung smart TV users will be excited to hear this news because both companies are at the top of the table in their respective niche.

I think everybody who is familiar with Roku channel knows that the channel curated A VOD service in the fall of 2017 on Roku players and Roku TVs. So, with the expansion of the Roku channel on Samsung is going to ensure the availability of Roku channel and will make way for other streaming platforms to appear on Roku and get themselves to embrace Roku OS, which has been a bit reluctant to come to the platform in the first place.

Roku has been very open regarding this new move, and in a statement, the company has said that the Roku channel today features hundreds and thousands of movies and TV shows. The channel itself ranks among the top 20 channels on Roku platform, which is a matter of great pride.

Roku in its statements from last year said that it has improved its ranking to become the number three ad-supported channel on its Roku platform. The company is moving in the forward direction, and there is a lot that the company has planned to add to its network. It is just a matter of time before those things are implemented.

Roku has also figured an interesting thing about its Roku channel that the ad load per programming hour is almost half as compared to the traditional linear TV, which shows that the company focuses more on the displaying the content that people want to see rather than making money.

Roku said in its statement that the company has broadened its distribution of the Roku app to other viewing platforms like Samsung, which happens to the number one TV maker in the United States. With this, the company believes that it will be able to engage millions of new consumers with its free, ad-supported VOD service.

The company seems to be optimistic about this plan and doing everything within its powers make it a success. If you own a Samsung Smart TV and want to get Roku channel, then all you have to do is, go to Roku help and support, and take their assistance in getting this channel on your TV. It won’t be a difficult task, but you will have to follow certain steps that are described by the support providers.

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