Roku Get a Fresh Coat of Paint with Google Play Movies and TV New Update

You will feel proud in owning a Roku streaming device as it is going to become smarter than earlier in the coming days. The Google is going to release a new update for Google play movies and TV channel. The company has totally revamped the app with the view to provide ease to the users. If you are using a Roku device for years, then you will notice its compatibility or functioning with Google play movies and TV channel has now become smarter and easier. Let’s go deeper into it with this post.

In the first look, you will notice that the interfacing of the app is totally changed. It is easier now to surf the menu. With the modernization of technology and trends, Google has brought the app with new features. If you want to search for anything, then it is available on home screen, you don’t need to open the further menu. Apart from this, ‘Help’ menu is also mentioned on the page. This is added to help you find the different sections from the screen. If you want to watch Live TV, then click on ‘Go live’ button.

For TV owners, this service update will be proven fruitful for you as the company has added a dedicated TV page from where the ongoing show or the coming up show can be watched directly. Though this page is created only for show but for no other stuff, you can watch the content of this page without paying any subscription. Botheration of paying a monthly subscription to the service provider is now over. A ‘watch now section’ is added to the app. This section will help you to resume the show from where you had left it.

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The process of searching the stuff on the app has now become easier. You can search the favorite content by adding genre, actor or director name in the search field. Besides this, there is some filter available in the search menu, which will refine the results. Like if you want to search for top-rated comedy shows, then you can enter the name of a comedian or the show from a particular channel. This will filter the result and provide relevant results on the screen. In the new update, Google play movies and TV app for Roku has added a single membership program. In this program, up to 5 members of a family can share the same plan with each other. They will get full access to the family library. This will save the money and time.

As per rumors on the internet, the update is going to get available on Thursday but According to Google team, there is no fixed date for its release. It will roll-out in few days. For more information and support, stay tuned to google live page. You can update the app as soon as the update gets launched. Meanwhile, you can cross check the streaming services or channels for your Roku device and check if you are using the right service or not.

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