Roku Introduced Free Live News Feature in Its New Update

Roku Channel is maybe the popular application that clients can request for amusement. Roku, keeping in mind the end goal to get more traffic onto its Roku channel, has revealed a fresh update for the channel. If you want to get it on your Roku, then you will have to update the Roku to 8.1. Give us a chance to plunge into the subtle elements of this new update and the expansion of live news feature into the application.

Roku has revealed this update on press media. This update will enable users to watch live news of their location through Roku channel. If you love to watch content from popular channels like Cheddar, Newsy and ABC news, then you can enjoy it for free. The new version available is 8.1 for all Roku users.

According to a statement given by Vice president of Roku programming, our company has designed a new channel with the view to satisfy its users. The users can easily go through the new feature from Roku interface. The quality of content available on Roku brings value to its customers.

This new update is definitely a pathway for new feature added. The Roku has added this feature keeping in mind the demand of customers long ago. The company has tied up with ABC news, which conveys and provide the best news online. The partnership will be proven fruitful for Roku and ABC news. They can make most out of it.

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You will find lot more in the new update besides live news feature. The best part is that you will get all these features for free. So, you don’t need to think much before installing it on your device. Roku always tries to offer the best to its customers so that they feel satisfied and don’t change their choice of watching a channel.

We can’t deny the fact that people love to watch live news on their streaming channel. They don’t like to switch to different channel from their cable TV or streaming media player for listening to the latest news. This is the reason, why Roku has tied up with the News channel agencies to provide free of cost live news to its users.

Colby Smith, Vice president of ABC News has said in the press conference that they are experimenting with the different streaming media companies and analyzing it. After a deep research, they have found out that news service these days is liked by many young champs especially by those who are using media streaming player like Roku, Chromecast, and Amazon TV.

Statements were also delivered by Mr. Daniel Schneider, VP at Cheddar business development section. According to him, the Roku Company is continuously growing in its field. The company is trying its best to give the best to the customers. As per its latest update, they have added live news which would be proven successful for them. The company has bought a complete revolution in its services.

If you are curious to get this feature, then perform an update as soon as possible. If you need any help or information in this regard, then get in touch with the device help.

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