Roku OS 8.1 Update Is About To Come: What Roku Users Can Expect?

Roku in its recent announcement has unveiled that there is going to be a new update to the Roku OS, i.e., Roku OS 8.1. What this new update is about and how users are going to benefit from it, we will find it in this blog post today.

Roku OS 8.1 will make its way into all Roku media streaming players, so if you are using one of Roku models, then you will get the update in the next few days.

What this new Roku update has for Roku users?

Just like all the previous Roku OS updates, this new update will also have a boatload of features and some substantial changes to the Roku OS. You will now be able to select live news channels, which is something that Roku users were clamoring for. Roku will now be able to provide its users with 23-hour news feeds to its users.

The live news feed is going to become a big hit among Roku users, as this feature will allow them to watch 24/7 news service without paying anything extra. Moreover, all top news channels are available in Roku network, thus giving people with a wide range of selection to choose from. You will get round the clock stream of the main feed along with a couple of small feeds in which you can see breaking news and upcoming stories.

Don’t confuse it with the feature that is available in CNN or MSNBC, which offer non-stop live coverage because, in these two networks, the live coverage will always revolve around a discussion or debate. ABC News Live is different from other live shows that you see these days because the news will appear in the form of stories, whereas in other channels, you will find some experts talking in the studios.

For many live news channels, ABC News Live is at the center point, but Roku is not following that scheme. Roku will roll out many news channels and will focus on each of those. If you want to see news related to entertainment and technology, then you will have to watch the news on Cheddar. If you are interested in watching the news on celebrity and lifestyle, then you can watch PeopleTV.

If you are not getting enough news on ABC News Live, then you can go to Newsy channel, where you can get all general world news. You can get programming from a number of shows that are present on the network.

Apart from these channels, Roku will bring many exciting features, which are going to enhance the functionality of Roku channel, especially the feature of pausing and resuming content in between. Previously, it was only possible to manually fast-forward the content to where you had left off, but that stupid feature is gone.  Now, you can go to ‘continue watching’ tab given on the landing page of Roku channel.

You need to select to connect in order to see the content from the point where you have left off in the past. Now, coming to the last feature that is available in the new update, i.e., multicast private listening. However these modes are available on Roku remote, but when you use the modes on Roku app that is installed on your smartphone, then the Roku devices, will allow you to add up to four devices wirelessly. You can easily deliver audio to each device simultaneously.

This new update is going to be available in May 2018, so just wait for a few days and you will be able to receive it on your Roku device.

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