Roku Rolls Out Automatic Sign-Out Mode To Ensure The Safety Of Roku Accounts Of Its Users.

Checking into a hotel or Airbnb guesthouse and seeing a Roku device installed on the TV is a great feeling. The reason behind it is simple, with Roku installed on the TV; you don’t have to worry about your entertainment, as Roku will take care of that in a nice way.

You can sign in using your Roku credentials and begin playing your favorite content instantly. Till the time you stay at the hotel or Airbnb, you will not have to worry about your favorite movies and shows at all. However, what if you checked out of the hotel or Airbnb room and forgot to sign out of your Roku device?

Moreover, you have realized all of that at when you have taken the flight to home. That will be a terrible feeling for you because you now have no idea as to whether the person who will check into your hotel room will sign you out or use your account to watch his/her favorite content. There are a number of concerns associated with your Roku account still being active on the Roku device in a hotel room or Airbnb guesthouse.

Fortunately, Roku has paid heed to this problem and come up with a solution. Roku has announced that is going to bring an automatic sign-out feature, which will give users a big relief, as they don’t have to bother about signing out of their Roku account on Roku devices used in public.

Though the feature will be available on select Roku devices, but Roku will soon make it available on all remaining Roku players. The last Roku devices to get this feature would be Roku TVs.

This feature resembles a lot like the checkout feature that you must have seen in the majority of booking sites. The guest is going to set a time and date that he/she wants to be automatically signed out of that particular Roku device.

In case, you are a host, then it is up to you to turn this feature on or off, but there seems to be no reason for not using this feature. To see a message appearing on your mobile phone saying that you can’t watch content from a certain channel because a guest is unwittingly using that Roku account is not a good thing to see, especially in the middle of the night. Therefore, if you want to enable this incredible feature, then you need to make sure that your account has a 4-digit PIN associated with it.

If you find that your guests use channels that you haven’t downloaded on your Roku device, then your guests will be able to add those channels from the Channel Store. Those channels will be automatically removed from your Roku device once Roku automatically signs them out. Your personal Roku experience remains untouched.

Roku has always pushed the envelope when it comes to adding new and exciting features to its devices, and this automatic sign out feature is an example of that.

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