Roku’s Most Recent Piracy Crackdown Has Gone A Little Too Far

Roku acting against piracy seems understandable, but Roku this time around has overdone it. Roku in the wake of alerting its customers against pirated content has rolled out a message containing a warning, which users saw when they launched YouTube and Netflix app. Let’s find out more about this matter and how it could have possibly impacted Roku’s customer base.

Roku has gone stricter against content piracy. While this move by Roku should have received a lot of appreciation, but people have responded in an opposite way. Roku has taken this whole piracy act a bit too far, and as a result, causing a huge inconvenience to the customers. Let’s discuss the entire matter in detail now.

What Roku actually did?

Roku has accidentally taken away user access to Netflix and YouTube. Roku has done that as a part of its anti-piracy crackdown, but Roku failed to realize that this entire act against piracy has gone in the opposite direction.

When users launched Netflix and YouTube apps, they saw a warning message after launching YouTube and Netflix. The message they received states, “FBI Anti-Piracy Warning: Copying content in an unauthorized is subject to punishment under federal law. Roku has taken off this unauthorized service because of repetitive claims of copyright infringement”.

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When users saw this message on their TV screens, they were surprised and confused at the same time because things were working smoothly until last night, and now all of a sudden, they are seeing this FBI warning message when trying to watch their favorite shows on YouTube or Netflix. But, Roku was quick to respond to its customers saying that the message was sent by mistake, and must not be taken seriously. However, people were left bamboozled at one time.

Roku going to damage control has issued an apology to its users on Twitter saying that, ‘It had experienced a technical glitch, but now, the issue has been resolved’.

Roku further said, ‘Netflix and YouTube can be accessed just like all other channels available on Roku network. If users want to check if both these apps are working in the right way, then they can go to ‘settings’ > ‘system’ > ‘system update’ > ‘check now’. Users may require to log in again for certain channels’.

 A number of Roku users feel that this was nothing but a gimmick that was performed by Roku to target a specific set of channels when Netflix and YouTube were blocked unintentionally.

Roku has told a popular news company that they use FBI warning only after they detect that a certain content has violated copyright.

Roku further said that ‘There are some channels in Roku channel store that display a warning message and become inaccessible once they implement a targeted anti-piracy crackdown on its network’.

But, this anti-piracy crackdown may have a negative impact on the users because they don’t expect any channel to become inaccessible out of the blue, especially when those channels are Netflix and YouTube. So, users hope that Roku would come up with better ideas to curb piracy that doesn’t impact binge watchers.

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