Roku’s Recent Policy Update Include Roku Channel in Game Console and Other Media Streaming Boxes

Roku has recently made some changes in its existing privacy policy to serve the customers in a better way. In its new update, the company has introduced a Roku channel for other company’s streaming box and Gaming consoles. Let’s discuss it in detail.

As we are aware of the thing that Roku had planned to launch an ad-supported Roku platform on other companies streaming box. This plan has been now successfully executed. If you are using a streaming box from a company other than Roku or Gaming console from Sony, Xbox or NVidia, then you can access Roku channel from it. With this launch, Roku has become the Maiden Company to provide its own service on other streaming platforms.

Roku has made this available for users via update. If you don’t know the details of where you can update the privacy policies, then stay tuned to Roku support page. For your information, if living in Europe, then the policies and the rules of Roku privacy policy will be getting tougher in coming days. Roku is granting an access to users where they can watch personalized advertisements on their third-party streaming media boxes.


There is an ‘opt-out’ option available on the Roku interface from where third-party streaming device users can watch personalized ads on their media device. Whether you are using a smart TV, Set-top box or Game console, you can watch Roku channel content seamlessly on any of these devices.

A spokesperson from Roku team has mentioned in the news that the company is proposing a number of distribution opportunities on the channel though no complete details about it are available as of now. According to him, Roku channel was earlier accessible only from Roku device. Inside this channel, users find thousands of movies, shows, and gaming events. Along with this, Video-on-demand facility was also available for users. Now, the customers can even subscribe to live news programming on Roku channel with commercial Ads within it. If you love to hear news from programming channels like ABC live or Cheddar, then you will be glad to know that these news sources are now available on Roku channel.

Roku is soon going to roll-out the same service on Samsung smart TV’s. The prime objective of the company behind launching an ad-supported channel on other streaming box is to stand in competition with the rivals like Tubi and Crackle. If Roku succeeded in its objective, then it can even add more margin to the profit.

Roku channel delivers quality content to all the subscribers. So, you can’t compare its quality with other streaming media player companies. These companies rely on third-party channel providers for its function. So, you can imagine, how crucial this move can be both for subscribers and for the company’s point of view.

Other companies are also trying their best to satisfy the customers and increase their user base. Considering this move Roku has amended its privacy policy and has become the only company which is providing its services on other’s platform. The competition among streaming media companies is getting tougher and tougher in days to come.

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