Sky Router Login

Stated as more enhanced of sky’s routers, the Sky Q Hub is made available to all the Sky customers who have subscribed to their fiber broadband plan. The router is just a part of the Sky Q system that offers a broad range of features, but what about its configuration. Well, the process is quite simple and discussed below:

How to login to Sky router?

To access your sky router, a router sign-in is required for which you can enter the IP address, username, and the sky router password. This information is available in the router manual. In case, the router manual is not available, follow the steps mentioned here as under:

  • Launch a web browser like Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox.
  • Enter the default IP address i: e, in the address bar and press ‘Enter’.
  • The router web-based interface will now open on the front screen.
  • Here, you will find 2 fields where the username and the sky hub password is to be entered.
  • The default username for sky router is ‘Admin’ and the password is ‘password’.
  • After entering the data in the fields, you will be able to login to the dashboard.

If you find the login details entered by you don’t work, then you can try login through another method which involves entering of sky router model number and serial number. Just select the device from the list and check the combination of username and password.

Default IP of sky router

To change the Sky router settings, a web-interface login is required and this is possible with the IP address. You can check the IP address of your router from the back panel of your hardware otherwise, it is also given in the guided manuals. The default IP address is It may sometimes don’t work if you fail to connect the device with the computer. A connection between the computer and the client device is essential for login.

How to perform Sky hub login?

Want to know the steps for ‘My router login’? Well, these are given here as under:

  1. Open from your computer web browser. Make sure that your device is connected to the home network and is turned on.
  2. You will be redirected to the page where the username and the Sky hub password is to be entered.
  3. A message displaying ‘Successfully login’ will be displayed on the screen. You can now perform the sky router setup or change the settings of the existing router according to your preference.

As you know, there is a high risk of default username and password being cracked by hackers for your Sky hub router. It is always recommended to change the default router admin login and settings to avoid login errors in the future.

How to change the default Sky Wi-Fi password and username?

As we know the security of passwords is important from the network point of view. So, change the default password of your Sky Q router login or sky hub router, keeping in mind the below-mentioned tips and tricks.

  • Select the password which is not easy to guess and must contain one special character.
  • The password protection of your Sky hub router is a must which can be obtained only by keeping the complex password.
  • The process to change the password for the log in is the same as performing the login for the first time from the web-based user-interface.

Few additional settings you can consider for you Sky-hub router are:

  1. You can go for Mac Address filtering of your Sky-hub router. For this, you will have to log in to the router and add a new device by entering the Mac address.
  2. If possible keep the SSID of your router hidden so that no external devices can connect to your router. Only the already connected devices can connect to the router in such a case.

Router login issues:

  1. Password doesn’t work: In fewer cases, the problem with the password occurs. This is either due to the wrong password entered or the password entered has changed. If you want to log in again, you will have to perform a password reset. This option is available on the home screen when you attempt to login to the router-based web-interface.
  2. Forgot password: If you have changed the password of your router earlier and forgot it, then nothing to worry, you can reset it by clicking on ‘How to reset Sky-hub router’ link.
  3. How to reset to default settings: If you want to reset the router to its default due to some errors or malfunctioned settings, then simply reset by pressing the ‘Reset’ button from the back of your hardware. You can press the button either with the paper clip or sharp tip-pen. Wait for 2 minutes till the lights get off. Now, restart your Sky-hub router and try to login with default details.