Step By Step Guide To Link Alexa To Your Fire TV

Amazon devices like Echo, tap, and dot enables you to control things at home with just your voice. These are Alexa enabled devices which support voice recognition technology. In the recent days, Amazon has added the Alexa command to Fire TV line of products. Let’s discuss this in details.

To control your Fire TV with Alexa voice command through Alexa enabled devices, you need to connect the Fire TV and Alexa enabled device to the same Wi-Fi network.

Linking your Fire TV with Alexa

If you want to control your Fire TV with Alexa enabled device, it must be connected together. There are certain apps and devices which can’t be linked to Fire TV, Shopping apps and Fire tablets.

  1. Launch Alexa app on your android phone.
  2. From the main menu, click on the three lines given in horizontal direction on the right-hand side of the screen.
  3. A drop-down menu will appear on the screen. Click on ‘Video, books, and music’.
  4. Tap ‘Fire TV’ from the given options under the video
  5. Click to link the device to the Alexa device.
  6. You will find a list of Fire TV devices available for linking. Select the right device from the list.
  7. Now click on the checkbox given next to Alexa-enabled devices. If you want to control more than one device, then select each device from the checkbox.
  8. Once done, click to link the devices.
  9. You will now get a list of added devices. If you want you can unlink them anytime.

Find and watch TV shows and movies


You will find plenty of commands for controlling your Fire TV through Alexa. These commands are easily understood by Alexa Setup. You can search for your favorite movie and show by actor, title, and genre.

If you are using a video screen device like the Echo show, then you can refine the search more easily by adding further commands at the end of each command. If your device doesn’t support this feature, then it will start casting the content on TV screen automatically.

  1. Watch a movie or show by just speaking the name of the particular movie to Alexa available in Amazon
  2. Play any show or movie of your choice from the supported app.
  3. Play any song or watch any movie by just speaking the name of genre or app name. You can watch a comedy show on Amazon video in this category.
  4. You can search for various show or title depending on the type or version of the app installed in your device.
  5. To open a list of movies or shows according to the actor or actress.
  6. If any app is available relevant to the actress or actor name, then it will display the certain app on the screen.

Other commands: The below mentioned commands can be used to further control the fire TV.

  • Watch: You will be able to get access to this command only if your app Amazon Echo Dot ‘live TV’ access.
  • Open: It will display the introductory details on the screen for currently playing app.
  • Go home: It will take you to the main or home screen of Fire TV.

Control Fire TV edition TV

You can turn on, Turn off, Turn up the volume and down of your fire TV edition TV through Alexa enabled device with the help of sounds of your voice.

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