Stream Netflix And HBO Go Offline Without Using Internet

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Most of the times when we are in planes, we are not able to catch Wi-Fi network due to a signal issue. At this time, we may miss latest shows which are broadcasted on the channel. Here, we want to mention that there is no need to take a little nap during this time because big players like HBO Go and Netflix streaming channels have now made it possible to stream movies offline.

Now, we are going to let you know; how you can watch any movie offline from these streaming services.

How to watch Netflix offline?

This streaming service has made possible for users to download content offline if their device is not connected to the internet. Yes, only some shows and movies are available for downloading offline, but you can download popular shows like Narcos and Orange. This offline feature is available on Netflix apps installed in the different OS. If you are using Apple OS ios 9 or above or running Android 4.4.2 or later, then you are lucky enough to enjoy this feature. On the other hand, if you are Mac user, then you won’t be able to access Netflix offline. To download offline content, go to ‘Netflix app and open the home screen. Check if the content you are searching for is available for download or not. There is need to simply enter keywords for the title you want to search for. Once the content gets downloaded, you can open them from ‘Download’ folder of your computer.

You must ensure that the content gets download before the device goes to airplane mode. Downloading content in the device will take a lot of its memory space, so clean up the storage first then start downloading.

How to watch HBO GO?

HBO itself doesn’t allow you to watch content offline but you can take help of some programs which lets you record program either free or by paying some charges. You can store content in DVR and real-time recorders. If the movie duration is 3 hours, the same amount of time is needed to download it.

Most popular recording app is PlayOn, which is available on all app stores. If you are android, window and iOS user, then you can enjoy this app on the device. This app is free to download but charges nominal fees for downloading content online. If you download in a bundle, then charges are less.

Hulu’s most popular content named ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ is now going to be available offline. It was announced officially by the company in January but no recent updates have been released so far. According to Hulu team, this option is available under basic pack which is available for $8 a month. Yes, if you want to enjoy full-time offline content, then you are required to spend $40 a month. This pack is soon going to launch for the public.

To get ShowTime offline, you need to wait for one and a half month. As the company is going to release in April this year. If you want to enjoy the offline feature of HBO Go, then download HBO app in your smartphone or tablet and click on ‘Download offline’ option given at the top of home screen. All famous shows like Homeland, Donovan which were earlier available online are now going to be available offline.

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