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Amazon Fire Stick Customer Service Support Number


Amazon has made its presence felt all across the globe with its magnificent products. Let it be Amazon Kindle, Echo or Fire TV, Amazon has manufactured each one of these products to a perfection. Amazon Fire TV is a streaming device, which gets connected to an LCD/LED TV that has an HDMI port.

The purpose of Amazon Fire TV is to turn a boring, cable-operated TV into a smart TV. What is broadcasted on a cable TV is not a gamut of entertainment, but there is a plenty that people are not able to watch on a cable TV. Some of the top-class, exclusive contents are available on streaming channels/apps such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and other networks.

The concept of ‘video-on-demand’ has arrived on the market after the introduction of these networks. Back in the day, we used to watch only those TV shows or movies, which were broadcasted on the cable TV. We were not asked for our recommendations, but are forced to see those contents even if we don’t like it. Or, we could turn off the TV, which led to the boredom. Then came the concept of streaming devices and apps, which changed the dynamics of watching entertainment.

Amazon launched its two devices, which are; Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. These two devices were created to cater to the needs of entertainment seekers who were looking for something special, something that they would deem fresh and exciting. Amazon Fire TV is a small box that gets connected to the TV through an HDMI cable (given the TV has an HDMI port). Whereas, the Fire TV Stick gets directly attached to the TV HDMI port. Both devices are efficient and promise a gamut of world-class entertainment. Both devices support 1080p resolution videos, but you will get 4K Ultra HD in Fire TV.

Operation of Fire TV and Fire TV Stick:

Amazon Fire TV is going to operate when you plug in one side of the AC adapter into the power port of the device and another side into the wall power outlet. Whereas, Fire Stick gets directly connected to the USB port, which doesn’t just stream the content but will also charge the device. Fire TV consists of more memory and a better video resolution, whereas Fire TV Stick is more portable than Fire TV. Amazon Fire TV comes with an Ethernet cable, which will be used to connect the device to the router in order to empower the device with the internet. The storage of Fire TV can be increased with a microSD card. These features are absent in Fire TV Stick.

Both devices have gained a lot of popularity in the market, and people are buying these devices according to their requirements and budget. These devices, despite so many great features, have encountered certain issues, which have affected the functioning of these devices. Though the issues can be resolved by getting in touch with Amazon Fire TV support, it is important for you to be aware of these issues because you can only get rid of the issues if you know what those are.

Issues in Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick for which you need to get in touch with Amazon Device Support:

  1. Amazon Fire TV has stopped working.
  2. Can’t connect Amazon Fire TV or TV Stick to the internet.
  3. Unable to connect Fire TV or Stick to the television.
  4. The video streamed from Fire TV or Stick contains no picture, but only sound.
  5. Seeing blank screen on the TV while streaming from Amazon Fire TV or Stick.
  6. Amazon Prime service not working.
  7. Unable to see pictures, movies and other content that I have downloaded.
  8. Can’t buy or access digital content from the internet.
  9. Forgot Amazon Video PIN.
  10. Can’t insert microSD card in the card slot of Fire TV.
  11. Amazon Fire Stick not charging.
  12. The remote that came along Fire TV is not working.
  13. Amazon prime support is not available.

Get the best Fire TV support from experts!

For all these issues and many more, which are not mentioned on the list will be solved by getting in touch with Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick support. It is important for all users to take help from experts because only they know the right process of fixing all aforementioned errors.

Though Amazon Fire Stick doesn’t get malfunctioned often, nothing can be taken for granted. If you are using the stick and looking for a quick and reliable Fire Stick help, then you can call at professional Amazon device support providers.